I recently had the great pleasure of speaking to Janine Meadley on her new Teacher Healer podcast, which explores what education could and should look like to make school better for kids, teachers and society as a whole. Janine is starting conversations about solutions to heal the world and heal ourselves and is designed as a resource for educators, school leaders, parents and healers.

In our conversation, we invite listeners to ask themselves a crucial question: What is your call to courage? Where would you like to be braver? And we dig into the critical role vulnerability plays in courageous cultures, learning practices and safe spaces. And the essential skill all humans need to cultivate to create a healing world – self-compassion. We explore the invitation to treat yourself with the same warmth, care and compassion you might treat a close friend when in struggle.

I hope you enjoy our conversation. We’d love to hear your feedback, so please leave a comment and let us know what the ideas we spoke about mean to you.