We believe

We exist to build morally courageous, self aware, curious and collaborative leaders, teams, cultures and systems. We create conscious custodians who strive to thrive at the intersection of people, planet and purpose.

We do this through deep impact courses, content and connection.

Your curious self is here to work out if we might be a good fit for each other.

So let us tell you about what we believe.

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Hungry For Courage

We are a dynamic collective of creative, curious, wholehearted, entrepreneurial biz types from business, creative, communication, coaching, education and social science backgrounds, who care deeply about morally courageous leadership.

We believe in working with like-hearted businesses and go-getters, who are purpose-driven, human design focussed, challengers of the status quo, questioners of assumptions. Who are leap takers with a healthy dose of daring. Who couple fierce will with personal humility.

We believe there are no silly questions, that life is too short and too precious to sit on the sidelines wondering ‘what if?’, and that choosing courage over comfort is the guiding principle for living meaningful days. We believe things don’t get better unless they’re talked about.

We believe the world, and each of us, is hungry for courage.

Start with Intention.

Strive for Impact.

We believe in social justice, equity and serving. We are fiercely committed to protecting human health, rights and the environment. We believe every business is a social impact business, because it exists to serve the clients, stakeholders and employees in their society. How we show up to every human we encounter has impact. We exist to help eradicate diminishing stereotypes, limiting assumptions and biases. We believe the world would be a better place if compassion, mindfulness were part of a global curriculum and kindness was a universal metric.

We believe we are all hard-wired for connection, and our most sacred needs are for love and belonging. Story brings us together, and yours matters. It’s how we find each other. Uncovering what you believe in, lights you up and makes you uniquely you, is what drives us. You are not like everybody else. And that’s to be embraced and celebrated. As is your dignity. Your life story is your leadership story.

We believe that while the numbers don’t lie, they can’t account for mystery, love or loyalty. And while we can rationalise all we like, it’s always our emotional selves running the show. So being emotionally healthy is the root of success. Spreadsheets don’t change the world. Relationships change the world, starting with the one we have with ourselves.

The impact we seek to have ‘out there’, starts ‘in here’.

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Brave Spaces

We believe psychologically safe cultures create formidable, innovative and sustainable people, teams and organisations. We know the crucial difference between unsafe and uncomfortable. We clearly see the distinction between blame and accountability. We’ve experienced the dangers of silence and the power of a voice speaking the unspoken. We know courage is contagious, and help you spread it. We believe bravery begets bravery.

We believe ‘business’ is people. We believe ‘culture’ is people. We believe ‘systems’ are people. Change in any of these arenas, starts with holding brave spaces for people.

Days of Possible

We believe everyone has the capacity to be an impactful leader in their lives and work. Leadership is an action (not a title) and a lifelong education and practice. Leaders leave powerful legacies, that ripple for generations. Who we are is how we lead, and so self compassion and boundaries are the most fertile of skills.

We believe that people are not broken, but rather constant works in progress. We all are. Until our very last breath. This means that our struggle can be generative, our gaps be sewn with new knowledge and our potential infinitely expanded. We are hopeful and pragmatic. We are not shy of the truth and brutal realities. We face gritty facts with gritty faith.

We believe in possibility.

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Empathy builds empires

We believe there has never been a more urgent need for systemic change, global collaboration and deep empathy to secure our singular home. We are in the most decisive decade of human history which calls for the most willing and able leaders at every level, in every organisation, in every industry, everywhere to effect change. Even if they don’t know how. This is our mission.

We believe that while you’re a leader, a business owner, an entrepreneur or a team member, you’re a human first. It is never too late to take a risk, change your mind, try something new, switch tracks and become more of who you are. We only ever grow through challenge. We are born for struggle, but we’re not designed to do it alone.

We believe in the power of the conscious, the committed, the creative and the curious to craft a new economy and evolve our way of leading, living and loving.

We believe in you.

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About Kylie Lewis

“I believe in the power of naps, that life is too short for ironing and you can never have too many books. My two guiding values are courage and grace.”

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