We’ve all been caught in the messy middle.

Where it all seems too hard, or we wonder how we’ll ever move beyond the current situation. Often we believe, whilst in the thick of it all, that there is no way out?

When we do finally find ourselves on the other side, there is a bucket load of wisdom and learnings that come with the experience. This wisdom makes us stronger, more courageous and resilient.

But most importantly it helps us recognise the things that matter. This webinar will be a candid chat, sharing our messy middles and the wisdom we’ve gained. And how you too can see the things that matter from a messy middle experience.

In this webinar Kylie and Binny chat with and Rochelle Serry (business owner, mother, partner, cancer survivor and good friend and founder of ThinkHatch Marketing & Communications). Kylie and Roch share some challenging times and talk about things that they think matter.

Much wisdom is born from facing our greatest challenges and so much goodness comes from sharing.

Kylie and Roch will share with you the seven lessons they learn from the messy middle.