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Time management productivity coaching ecourse


Enrolments now open until 31 December
Class starts 1 January 2016


Time management productivity coaching ecourse The Time by Of Kin Kylie Lewis and Binny Langler

Calling possibilitarians from across the globe. We invite you to join us for an productivity and planning ecourse to program your business GPS for 2016.

We’ve just unlocked the doors to our newest ecourse, The Time. This is a creative and interactive 6 week ecourse for curious and entrepreneurial types, exploring your business goals, getting to what is essential, planning tools, dealing with stress and overwhelm, and becoming the master of your time and energy with a good dose of self care. It’s like a day spa for your business brain!

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Free Webinar: Want to suss it out before you sign up?
Listen to our free webinar to suss out more about the course before you commit to spending 6 weeks us! Get to know a bit more about our newest eCourse The Time, and what it’s like to take our online course.

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You know how you say ‘I don’t have enough time to work ON my business’ or ‘I’m too busy to plan!’ or ‘I’m flat out but don’t feel like I’m getting where I want to be’?

Well, this is your opportunity to do something good for yourself and your business, and bring clarity, calm and grace to your working life.

Our most precious resources are our time, energy and mental health. This ecourse is specifically designed to create space to think, plan and prioritise your business goals in the next three – six months.

Think of it as your strategic planning period to get your mind clear on what are your most important priorities coming up, and how you’re going to get them done, without the hustle.

Identify the essential from the noise, design your days on purpose, create an achievable personalised plan that makes sense for your version of happiness and success.

Get excited by your business, tap more deeply into your creativity, give life to your ideas and discover new ones, and feel more grounded, focussed and productive with your energy.

Download the noise that’s in your head, and upload habits that serve your beliefs and priorities.

By the end of the ecourse you’ll walk away with a clear vision for your business and life for the next three – six months. All captured in your very own Clarity Map. And it will be fun, motivating, informative and empowering.

We give you permission to buy those coloured pens, stockpile those post it notes, create a stash of raw chocloate and join an online studio full of whole hearted biz types like you.


This isn’t your average goal setting or time management course. We’re created this course by drawing on the latest research into positive psychology, resilence, happiness, productivity, mindsets and mindfulness, stress, energy management, character strengths, neurobiology and the progress principle.

With backgrounds in psychology, sociology, communication, entrepreneurship and coaching, we’ve also tapped into world leading thinkers to create a one of a kind ecourse. This is the course we wished existed for ourselves in our business so we created it for everyone.



The Now
:: Connecting with your ‘why’ of your life
:: Mapping positivity

The Essential
:: Download the noise that’s inside your head
:: Identify what are your essential priorities for the next 90 days
:: Identify opportunities for outsourcing, delegating, deferring or backburning
:: Get clear about what you really want to be doing

The Productive
:: Learn productivity methods to get more out of your energy
:: Better design your workflow to make the most of your time

The Priorities
:: Get clear on your priorities
:: Develop a weekly roadmap to program your business GPS
:: Ensure that you make time for your wellbeing
:: Discover ways to boost your productivity

The Plan
:: Walk away with an actionable plan to start the new financial year with your best foot forward
:: Learn tips to ensure you stay on track going forward

The Care Package
:: Self care when the going gets tough
:: Setting boundaries and saying no (or yes!)
:: Create a manifesto to live by
:: Build a survival tool kit to call on in ‘those moments!’

The Clarity Map
:: Create your own Clarity Map
:: Use this to guide you through the next 3 – 6 months
:: It’s like having a business coach in your pocket

Enrol me!


You’re likely to be (but not exclusively!) a small to medium business owner, with a wholehearted, creative and curious entrepreneurial spirit at your core.

You’re craving time and space to think and plan, especially with the new financial year starting.

You’re perhaps feeling overwhelmed with the day-to-day juggle of working and living the way you’d like to.

You want to work your way. You’re keen on designing your own path.

You’ve maybe thought about getting a business coach, but wasn’t completely sold on the idea. Maybe you’ve got a bunch of questions and want to hang out with peeps that can answer them. Come learn, engage and plan!

We’ve designed this course into bit sized packets that you can dip in and out of:

:: We’ll walk you through our stepped process over the weeks to create your Clarity Map for the next 90 days
:: You’ll come out the other side having a clear direction
:: You’ll have a Habit Map, in a planner to help manage your time
:: And will have practiced doing the do all the way along

From day one you will have access to all 6 Packets. Then each week during the course we’ll email you to introduce each packet on the website. Each Packet is made up of videos, text, slides, pdfs, templates and checklists. The feedback on the course material has been amazing, everyone loves the variety of engaging content we are able to provide via online learning. The course is filled to the brim with education, inspiration, ideas, examples, and activities to supercharge your life.


The Time ecourse Flatlay Of Kin

We’ve been delivering workshops to hundreds of students in intimate group settings across Australia for several years. Now we’re inviting you to join us (whether you’re in Sale, Sweden or South Africa – it doesn’t matter!).

Here’s what other kin have said about The Time.

The Time workshop was invaluable. You are guided through business and wellbeing topics with exercises along the way to help you articulate for yourself where you’d like to take your business and what you would like to achieve. – Anne

This workshop came at a critical time for me – it enabled me to get the space I needed to focus not just on my business, but also on making the most of my life. Thank you! – Elise Heslop, Director, Plyroom

A truly fresh and innovative day giving me some space to breathe and get clarity on my business and personal goals. I feel motivated and eager to get back to it and be productive. – Fiona Savaris, Owner, Acorn Kids

Kylie and Bin are both so lovely. They emphasised simplicity, mindfulness and self awareness, along with tapping into feelings and beliefs, planning for the next few months and prioritising tasks – which was all a great reminder for me. – Nhung Vo, Founder, The Sunday

The Time workshop was a magnificent combo of personal development and business planning & development. Who we are is such a critical part of what our business is and how we operate, so this workshop really helped me connect these. – Emma Diffen, Peritus Communications


Kylie Lewis Binny Langler Of Kin

Join us as we take our possibles, and turn them into probables.  We’d love to host you in our online studio to kickstart the new year with calm, clarity, grace and a whole bunch of skills to bring your plans to life in 2016. Enrol now.

Kylie & Bin xx

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