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The Leap Stories Debb Makin Ratio Chocolate

Zoologist to chocolatier? You bet! Take a peek under the hood at what it takes to take a leap career and reinvent yourself with Debb Makin, founder of Ratio Cacao Roasters.

I once heard the saying ‘no plan survives its impact with reality.’ And nothing could be truer when you’re taking a leap. For all the plans you might make (and I’m a BIG advocate of plans), you will get thrown curveballs. But perhaps a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis is one of the least you might expect.

The Leap Stories Fiona Killackey Header

If I asked you to write about what a typical day a year from now would look like, what would you write? Would you happily scribe more of the same as what you’re doing now? Or would you like it to be different?  How would you spend your day? Who would you spend it with? […]

The Leap Stories Mandy Dore Madame Heap Of Kin

If I asked you the question what comes first – success or happiness? – many people would say success. That only once we’re successful we’ll be happy. One of our cultural narratives is ‘the harder I work, the more successful I’ll be, and the more successful I’ll be, the happier I’ll be.’ But what I’ve […]

Find out how Angela Priestly took the leap go from editor to owner of Women’s Agenda, and become one of the few female-owned media companies in Australia today.

From teacher to stand-up comedy to radio host to business owner. Read how George McEnroe started Shebah, Australia’s all-female owned and operated ride share service helps women and children move through the world safely.

Even when you’re working in a field that’s aligned with your purpose, career trajectories don’t always go to plan. Pivots are going to be necessary. Read how Loretta Bolotin switched from working with aid organisations to starting her own social enterprise supporting refugees and new immigrants through the universal uniter and healer – food.

David Bowie Never Play To the Gallery

David Bowie on why you should never play to the gallery.

So often we are consumed with setting the goals, drawing a straight line to their completion and moving onto the next thing. It’s deliciously tempting to think about living our entire lives that way. But magic doesn’t happen at the coal face of constant engagement with what we already know. To think about creating a […]

You may have once been asked a question, ‘What would you do if you only had a month to live?’ What might your answer be? Ponder that. Now, let’s take it one step further, and ask, what might you do if you were diagnosed with Stage 4 Lymphoma, were in hospital and given a week […]