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Friday writing session in the studio with Disclosure’s Settle album. Loving these happy, loved up, viby beats, the sun coming through the window and the fingers tapping on the keys. Much chair dancing. Enjoy loud. Happy weekend ahead. Love the one you’re with… especially if that’s yourself. x

This is an epic video of an epic song about our most epic journey – life. My son has a rapping part in his school musical to this song, and I’m proud, excited and teary about it all at once. What a song, what a band for our children to grow up hearing – humbleness, […]

Powerful song, equally powerful film clip and story telling. We all have choices. Make wise ones. (For those runners out there, this is a corker at around the 6km mark.) Listen now.

Happy day in the studio listening to this tune. Shine on my friends, and come and get this big day waiting for you! Enjoy.x