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Mindful Hiking Walking Meditations Catherine Mosey-Nase

I met Catherine Morey-Nase at one of our Content Kin workshops in Melbourne this year, and was immediately drawn to her calm presence, smiling eyes and warm words. With a creative and sensitive heart laying quiet for many years, Catherine used her training in psychology and law to work in the corporate sector across the […]

“The architecture of how we live our lives is badly in need of renovation and repair. What we really value is out of sync with how we live our lives. And the need is urgent for some new blueprints to reconcile the two.” Arianna Huffington I recently came across a fantastic post by Guy Kawasaki […]

Rarely do I find inspiration from footballers. But Sydney Swans’ Captain Brett Kirk is a very rare professional athlete. This is his daily affirmation: As a human being I’m honest, I’m passionate, I’m courageous, I’m disciplined, I have a concentrated mind, I’m compassionate, I’m aware, I’m a good listener, I’m patient, I’m tolerant, I’m fun, […]