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Courage journal prompts

In this year’s Days of Possible Diary, I created a provocation in the opening pages that prompted kin to ponder when they have chosen courage in their lives. As we’re nearly halfway through the year, I’m revisiting the provocations. Remembering times in my life when I have been courageous before (even in the tiniest of […]

I love Valentine’s Day. Any day that celebrates loving each other has to be a good thing. I believe a day celebrating our most human, most potent human emotion is worthy of our time and attention. I don’t subscribe to the notion of it just being about romantic ‘couple’ love. I believe Valentine’s Day is […]

Mindful Hiking Walking Meditations Catherine Mosey-Nase

I met Catherine Morey-Nase at one of our Content Kin workshops in Melbourne this year, and was immediately drawn to her calm presence, smiling eyes and warm words. With a creative and sensitive heart laying quiet for many years, Catherine used her training in psychology and law to work in the corporate sector across the […]

persian love cake recipe

I came across this amazing cake via my amazing business partner and amazing friend, Belinda Langler of The Inkling Effect and Hey Bernice! She bought a Baker’s Drawer full of them to a client meeting. Needless to say, we got the gig. I adapted the recipe, combining slightly different quantities and ingredients to come up […]

I tripped across this podcast featuring Maya Angelou and fell in love with her voice and presence. A few simple ideas her on courage and leadership for you to enjoy.

Good Things is a little initiative to find all beauty and awe in small every things (or sometimes really big things). 2012 was a bit of a tough year, and I created a little meme for myself call ‘#d02012’. It was a type of gratitude practice that prompted me regularly to think about the things […]