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In The Company Podcast Clare Desira Top Five Movement

In this podcast episode of In The Company we talk with Clare Desira. Clare is a writer, coach, speaker and founder of the Top Five Movement. In December 2006 Clare started a daily practice of journaling her top five moments from the day, and has done so every day since. She now has over 2000 top five lists totalling more than 10,000 memories. The impact of her daily gratitude practice has been so profound that she created the Top Five Movement as a way of encouraging people to foster greater happiness, confidence and energy in their lives.

A core aspect of taking a leap is self awareness about your beliefs. Because as Henry Ford is quoted as saying ‘weather you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.’ Your beliefs about what’s possible in your life determine what you’ll create with it. So it’s a good bet to prime yourself with […]