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Stop the Hustle webinar overcoming burn-out

For this month’s webinar we teamed up with the lovely Dr Jacqueline Baulch, one of our very clever Kin and a clinical psychologist and the Director of Inner Melbourne Clinical Psychology.

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We will be chatting with Jacqueline about boundary setting, self-sacrificing (and subsequent resentment), perfectionism and trusting your gut.

We will dig into the topic of mini burn-outs and major life changing burnouts and spotting the warning signs that you might be on the brink. We will also cover the importance of having a plan for when you do start to sense you are heading in that direction.

If you didn’t already know, Kylie and I are anti hustle campaigners. Why? Because we’ve been there and both have our own war stories we can share with you from our corporate careers. Our own burnouts make us much wiser about how we spend our time, identifying the early signs of stress and burnout. And more importantly how we now avoid that dangerous slippery slope.

Having experienced burn-out we have since curated some brilliant activities, tools and advice that helps us stay in the ‘green zone’ and prevent the ongoing stress events that can lead you to a dark place. As always we love sharing what we know and collaborating with experts to add that extra bit of pizzazz to the discussion.

How do we stop stress morphing into burnout?


We’ve taken all our readings, webinars, courses, experiments, advice, tools and activities and developed an eCourse ‘The Time, just for you, gorgeous one.
The eCourse bundles together all our gems around managing mindset, essentialism (doing less but better), planning, prioritising (working on the right things!), overcoming procrastination, self care and wellbeing. We are offering a special promo code to celebrate our Stop The Hustle chat with Jacqueline.

Head over to:
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And receive: $100 off our The Time eCourse.

We hope you enjoy the webinar recording below. It’s a topic very close to our hearts.


Much love,

Binny x

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