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If you’re looking for a speaker to give your team or audience short, powerful experiences that change people’s minds and hearts, and equips them with practical tools to use immediately, we can help.

Choose from a menu of customisable, interactive, pragmatic and leadership webinars, keynotes, masterclasses, lunch & learns for teams, Boards, organisations, conferences and events. Each session can be tailored to your timing requirements.

Each session is consciously designed for impact, and to engage and empower your audience to walk away with a shift in their mindset and behaviours. All the tools and tactics are provided to generate and uplift leadership capability for the long term.
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All workshops leverage research findings and evidence-based behaviour change developed by Dr Brené Brown, and delivered by certified facilitator Kylie Lewis.

Topics include:

We’ll explore:

  • The heart of daring leadership
  • Barriers to Courage
  • Define Your Call To Courage
  • Rumbling with Vulnerability
  • Living into Values
  • Learning to Rise

We’ll explore:

  • Why is it so hard to cultivate confidence?
  • The role of courage
  • The myths of confidence & vulnerability
  • Rumble starters
  • Empathy squads and self-compassion skills
  • Defining your next step

We’ll explore:

  • What gets in the way of having a tough conversation?
  • How hard conversations build trust
  • What is a rumble?
  • Giving engaged feedback checklist
  • Rumble starter language
  • Rumble starter leadership tools
  • Circling back

We’ll explore:

  • The myths of vulnerability
  • The seven behaviours of trust: boundaries, reliability, accountability, vault, integrity, non-judgment, generosity
  • Three trust lenses: self, others, team

We’ll explore:

  • Your call to rise strong
  • The reckoning, the rumble, the revolution
  • Emotional literacy
  • Barriers to reckoning with emotion
  • Emotional first aid
  • Shitty/Stormy First Drafts
  • Interrogating our stories
  • Rewriting our endings

We’ll explore:

  • “It’s not fear that gets in the way of daring leadership, it’s armour” – Brené Brown
  • Explore the key drivers between armoured leadership (leading from self-protection) to daring leadership (leading with grounded confidence)
  • A clear road map of behaviours that build psychological safe cultures

We’ll explore:

  • The context of leading in the most decisive decade
  • Understanding your leadership story
  • Cultivating a legacy mindset and custodial practices
  • Gain clarity to lead above the line
  • The C-Suite skillset for every leader

We’ll explore:

  • Wellbeing for leaders: mental, emotional & physical
  • The 4 Pillars of designing a sustainable working life
  • Discover ground zero for leadership sustainability
  • Audit your energy and develop skills for personal energy management
  • Uncover the science of designing a good day
  • Learn, set and hold boundaries – the most powerful skill a leader can develop

We’ll explore:

  • Our decisive decade: the reality of our climate future today
  • The future we choose or don’t
  • 20 ways to lead on climate where you are today

We’ll explore:

  • What is psychological safety and what’s the cost of not having it?
  • Behaviours for improving psychological safety in individuals and teams
  • An action plan to build psychological safety over time
  • Optional team survey prior to the session

I’ve had the pleasure of engaging Kylie for many events over the last eight years. Kylie is always my first choice and go to, because of her natural way of engaging an audience, her incredible research skills and knowledge, and the way that she can translate this into accessible human stories, is a true gift.

Upon launching our new brand extension Conscious Work, the very first person that came to mind that we wanted to work with was Kylie, basically because of her natural ability to really get to know her audience, and who she’s working with so there’s some real key takeaways and valid learnings for anyone that attends her talks.


About Kylie Lewis


Kylie Lewis supports the development of creative, curious and entrepreneurial businesses and their teams interested in daring leadership, humanising work, building brave cultures and cultivating professional and personal courage.

She is an accredited facilitator of Dr Brené Brown’s The Daring Way™ and Rising Strong™ curriculum, and a graduate of Dr Judith Glazer’s Conversational Intelligence™ program and Tara Mohr’s Playing Big™ Facilitator Training and, is currently studying systemic team coaching Peter Dawkins at the Global Team Coaching Institute. She was a fitness instructor for over 10 years, so moving bodies, as well as hearts and minds, is in her toolkit.


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Yes! We’re skilled in working across technology platforms and audiences to deliver online experiences that are engaging and energising.

Absolutely. Each session can be designed to integrate with the theme and purpose of your conference, and to build on the content of the agenda and other presenters.


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