Socially Does It :: Telling the Burberry Story

‘We put emotion first, over just the hard product’
-Angela Ahrendts, CEO Burbery

In the retail world, everyone looks to Burberry. A heritage brand with over 150 years of experience and passion, CEO Angela Ahrendts lifts the lid on telling the brand story by telling a story in the video below. Emotion, energy, trust and human values are at the core of their content marketing story telling strategies both instore and online.

A great five minute video with terrific insights into how an old world brand uses social and technology to keep relevant to a generation (and a great love heart shirt at the 1:52min mark!)

And here’s her tips on telling great stories:

Know thyself.

What’s your core, your passion, your reason for being? Young or old, all great brands and individuals stand for something – it’s the starting point for every story.


Stories are where dreams can become realities. Be brave, audacious, take risks.

Be authentic.

Share a consistent, pure vision – write your next (or your first) chapter, not a new book every time.


…your instincts, each other. Trust engenders belief, the basis on which all stories live or die.

Engage, entertain, excite.

Emotion is at the heart of every story, in every age, in every context – round a campfire, on the printed page, in a movie theater, online. Today, digital is opening up a whole new era of opportunity, putting the power to create emotive content and share it widely in everyone’s hands. Use it smartly, and wisely.

And you want to know where I found this video and text? On Angela Ahrendt’s LinkedIn Influencer page. Check it. She’s gets it. She’s awesome.