Socially Does It :: Playing with Storify

When Instagram launched video recently, I wondered how I could get the Instavideos off my stream and embedded into a blog post. The short answer is you can’t… easily… but the Googleverse shone the light toward Storify – a website that allows you to pull content from multiple social media platforms, add extra text and publish a mashed up ‘story.’

By using Storify to access my Instagram feed, publish a ‘story’ of the video and then grab Storify embed code for my Instavideos and post them onto a website.


But then I realised how useful it could be for collecting a whole range of other types of social media posts across platforms to tell a story of an event – particularly useful as I’m a freelance event blogger/social media producer/twitterer!

So below is my Storify feed for the recent Happiness and It’s Causes conference in Melbourne, which I recently volunteered at. I’ve pulled together all my tweets, instas and vines from the event into one, online stream with a single URL, giving a unified home to all my updates (you can also download the feed as a pdf). The one major improvement I’d love is that I wished it would sort the imported posts across all posts into chronological order in which they were originally posted.

Another great tool for people like use involved in the story telling business. Hang on, that’s nearly all of us with a social media account these days isn’t it?

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