Socially Does It :: Facebook Education via Facebook Studio

If you’re looking to claw your nails a little deeper into some Facebook flesh, checkout the education modules at Facebook Studio.

Facebook Studio is a resource built by Facebook for marketers, ad agencies and anyone interested in understanding more about Facebook Pages for businesses.

Feel free to wander through the site to see examples of agency built Facebook campaigns for brands (we’ll come back to that another day). Or if you’re up it, walk through the self paced education modules to get the full run down of Facebook Pages. They’re quick and easy and have a good mix of video, voiceovers, interactivity and quizzes to keep you on track.

Facebook Studio Education

Facebook Studio Education Page Insights

Facebook Studio Education Pop Quiz

Facebook Studio Education Congratulations

You can dip in and out of modules, and also pick only those modules you’re interested in. Maybe you’re all over running a page but would like to know how to get your Facebook ad campaign underway. Jump into a module and get your learning mojo on.


To get started click here:

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