Socially Does It:: Facebook dominates, Pinterest on the rise

Just over a week ago I was on a panel the Life Instyle talking all things online for retailers. The awesome group of people who attended asked a bunch of great questions, some about social media, and where retailers should invest their time.

While there’s no question that Facebook dominates the social media landscape in terms of size and reach, Pinterest is definitely the other social media platform retailers should watch. (See article: Pinterest becomes top traffic driver for retailers)

Check out this interesting graph from Global Stats StatCounter:

Stats Counter - social media

Source:StatCounter Global Stats – Social Media Market Share

While much smaller than Facebook in terms of overall usage, Pinterest’s audience is explicitly comprised of users looking for visual inspiration, particularly in homewares, fashion and accessories, design, events, beauty and food. Note: usage is higher than Twitter and YouTube (and I’m very surprised about usage stats for Reddit and Stumbleupon!).

As such Facebook drives traffic, but Pinterest drives the bigger spenders, shown below in the AOV (average order value) section:


So while Facebook should be core to a retailers social media strategy, Pinterest can offer a highly targeted user base, who can be driven back to your website direct into a path to purchase. Just make sure you’re pinning images from your product pages to bring them home!

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