Socially Does It :: ASOS leads with content marketing for female online shoppers

Leading Online fashion retailer has made changes to their category pages for women and men, reflecting clear differences in how the retailer sees women and men shop.

The Women category page is strongly lead by content, encouraging women to consider the site as a place to browse for inspiration and entertainment, not just as a place to complete a purchase. Contrast the Men category page which leads with product categories, and singled minded ideas.

Side by side comparison of ASOS Women & Men Category Landing Pages:


ASOS Women Category Landing Page:


ASOS Men Category Landing Page:


Ben Minkoff is the men’s accessories line by Rebecca Minkoff: the established women’s designer beloved for her glamorous and subtly edgy handbags, clothing and accessories. CEO Uri Minkoff, says “Men and women conduct online retail transactions quite differently, and much of that connects to how they shop in real life, he explained. The majority of male customers are focused on “goal driven” shopping — i.e. buying a bag for work or black pants for a formal event — while women make purchases based on emotional responses… Men are tactical about their purchases, while women tend to be philosophical. Women want to spend more time on a site, shopping and discovering premium original content about the brand. Men want to get to their purchases faster…”

Taking a look at high end, long time eCommerce leader Net-a-Porter, and their male focussed site Mr Porter, shows a marked difference between the type and amount of content targetted at female online shoppers.

Side by Side Comparison of Net-a-Porter (female audience) versus Mr Porter (male audience) home pages:

Comparison of Net-a-Porter and MrPorter homepages

In both examples, the content ‘above the fold’ (what a user sees on a desktop screen without having to scroll) is much more intensely focussed on content for women than it is for men.

Now overlay that with recent research on how men and women find their way to products to purchase:


According to this research, women are more likely than men to respond to email marketing. But both men (33%) and women (26%) search around the web, and both go to look for something specific. The challenge then is when they’re searching, to provide the right type of content, early on to meet their buying styles – emotionally engaging content for women, goal orientated content for men.

So when considering your ecommerce design and digital marketing, take a moment to consider who is your target audience, and what are their preferences for discovering products and their path to purchase. Women are likely to want more content to inspire, inform and motivate their purchase – take a moment to consider who your different buyer personas may be and what kind of content might influence their behaviour.



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  2. Amazing discussion and comparison of online shopping trends and action between men and women. Happy I found this. This will definitely give me good insights on the next strategy I’m working on. Amazing content.


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