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Free Social Media Survival Guide ebook by Of Kin talking about digital marketing tips and advice

We’ve written this social media guide with you in mind.

We’ve got a free social media ebook for you. This guide is like having a coffee with us and picking our brains about social media. We can’t help it, we love sharing what we know.

We don’t need to be telling you that social media is essential for growing your biz, you’re beyond that. You’re in there doin’ it already. Taking snaps with your phone, posting on a couple of platforms. You’re a busy bee!

But it can feel overwhelming, confusing, exhausting and sometimes ‘all a bit much’. Well gorgeous one, let us take you by the hand and walk you through the digital wilderness to help you make your mark on social media.

It’s free!

This free little nifty ebook is yours for the taking. Wish you could have a decaf coconut mocha with us and pick our brains? We’ll this might just be better than that, without having to tip a waiter.

No fluffin’

This survival guide is packed to the rafters with our favourite apps, tools and tips. Loads of practical advice to help you find your authentic voice, create content, tools for batching and scheduling, our favourite photo editing apps, how to handle negative comments (not that we think you’ll get any!), to dealing with social comparison.

It’s how we do it

These are the very things we do to survive managing our own social media. So if you’re a biz owner managing their own social media, or if you’re managing social media for a brand, you’ll find loads of helpful information to build your strategy and execute. Everything from planning, creating, posting and engaging. This is how we use social media to grow our business and our bottom line.

Grab your copy of the free guide now

Free Webinar :: Be Your Best This Winter
Monday 23rd May, 1PM AEST

REGISTER HERE for the webinar.

We are so lucky to have Amy Crawford from The Holistic Ingredient (and Leap story #36) join us next week.

The Leap Stories Amy Crawford

She’s going to chat about how to prepare your mindset, body, routine and pantry for the colder months. We all need a little kick-up-the-butt to focus on our health sometimes – consider this that kick! Cause we all know that everything falls apart when we’re not well.

It’s all about protecting the asset. You!

Let’s face it… Winter can be tough for many reasons. Let this be your catalyst to prep yourself for June, July and August! Keeping well, maximising productivity, avoiding illness and setting yourself up for the coming winter months.

Free Webinar with Amy Crawford from The Holistic Ingredient Be your best this winter

We’ll be talking to Amy about her top tips for:

  • detoxing your pantry,
  • making your own herbal tea,
  • cleaning your space,
  • positivity and
  • winter morning rituals

To prepare yourself for the shorter days, fighting illness and the dreaded winter mindset.
Amy is the founder of online wellness hub The Holistic Ingredient, a ‘go to’ destination for all things whole foods, clean living and positivity for hundreds of thousands of people across the world.

Ultimately, her objective is to inspire others to achieve a healthier, happier version of themselves; to ignite a fire in every area of their lives.

We’d love for you to join us and Amy over lunch.

REGISTER NOW for the webinar.

Much love,
Binny & Kylie xx

Of Kin free Social Media Survival Guide ebook

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