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Hey, so you know that social media is essential for growing your biz right? But it can feel overwhelming, confusing, daunting and a bit ‘all too hard’. Well friend, let us take you by the hand and walk you through the digital wilderness to help you make your mark on social media.

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This free little nifty ebook is yours for the taking. Wish you could have a decaf coconut mocha with us and pick our brains? We’ll this might just be better than that, without having to tip a waiter.

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This survival guide is packed to the rafters with our favourite apps, tools and tips. Loads of practical advice to help you find your authentic voice, create content, tools for batching and scheduling, our favourite photo editing apps, how to handle negative comments (not that we think you’ll get any!), to dealing with social comparison.

It’s how we do it

These are the very things we do to survive managing our own social media. So if you’re a biz owner managing their own social media, or if you’re managing social media for a brand, you’ll find loads of helpful information to build your strategy and execute. Everything from planning, creating, posting and engaging. This is how we use social media to grow our business and our bottom line.

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