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Having worked with hundreds of business owners we know the most common digital marketing challenges, pain points and goals of creative, wholehearted biz types just like you. So we’ve tidied up the studio, put on some lippy and jumped infront of the camera to give you the chance to tap into what we know about digital strategy, content marketing and social media for business.

In this short, punchy free video series you’ll get a chance to hear directly from us about having the courage to be authentically you, and to create content that converts to clicks for your business.

Video 1 :: Connection

Video 1 is all about developing a connection with your tribe, and having the courage to create a brand presence that reflects who you truly are. We give you the chance to do one of our most powerful exercises with us, as the starting place for marketing with authenticity and reach a like-minded audience that believes what you believes.

Video 2 :: Debunk The Junk

Video 2 is about debunking the top ten myths around digital marketing, and why many of the ideas you have about how to digital right, may infact be wrong. We debunk those and get down to reality. We take a poke at how to go about getting everything done, and doing it in real time on top of your existing workload, generating enough content, the truth about cross posting, dealing with the ‘not enoughs’, working with perfectionism and the doubts about content marketing.

Video 3 :: Most Asked

Video 3 has us answering the most frequently asked questions we get asked in our workshops, webinars and courses about
how to grow my followers on social media, what’s going to give me the biggest bang for buck (blogging, Instagram, email?), knowing if it worth all the time and effort, increasing the number of leads from digital marketing efforts, and if Facebook advertising is for you.

Come sit with us

Take a seat with us and let us share with you all the good things we know about how to grow your business and your results using all the free digital marketing tools that are available to you today. We’ve grown our business, and hundreds of others using these strategies and tactics. Now it’s your turn to become part of the family.

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