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Free Mini Ecourse

We love sharing what we know with our kin… and there’s a lot to know in the digital marketing space! Let us help guide you to the essentials you need in your digital marketing toolkit now. You might just be starting marketing your biz or brand online, you might have been at it for a little while, or you might just want to make sure that your thinking is still current. These short bursts of help info is just what you need.

The Digital Essentials

The digital marketing landscape changes daily, and trying to keep on top of it all can feel like trying to find an outfit in an overstuffed, unorganised, overflowing wardrobe. So we’ve decluttered it for you, and get straight to just the things you need right now.

People Like You

We surveyed our kin (sassy business owners just like you) and they told us what they wanted to know, so we’re pretty certain you’ll want to know about it to.

We’ve created a free mini ecourse covering the digital marketing topics they were most keen to learn more about. It’s delivered straight to your inbox for easy digesting, linking and archiving for future reference.

The Good Stuff

Topics include:

  • Building your email list
  • Getting the most from your website
  • Finessing your Instagram
  • Snapchat How To
  • Blogging tidbits

Each of the lessons will cover:

  • Our personal top tips
  • Rookie mistakes to avoid
  • A curated collection of links to further learnings (for deeper diving)

Small, tasty bites

Time is tight and you’re here to learn – we totally know that feeling! So, we promise not to serve you up any fluff. Just the essentials. Clear, concise, decluttered info, in compact lessons delivered to your inbox (think of each email as a 5 minute ab workout).

All this juicy content is ready and waiting for you, simply complete the deets below.