On Trust A Primer

On Trust: A Primer

Investing time in cultivating trust in your organisation is one of the wisest investments you’ll make, especially when crises, systemic change and collective vulnerability inevitably strikes. This downloadable primer is full of interactive exercises to help you dive deeper into the seven elements of trust for yourself and those you lead.

Use this primer as a way to:

  • Get clear about the definition of trust and distrust;
  • Dig into the each of the seven elements of BRAVING trust;
  • Review your relationship with self-trust;
  • Explore trusting behaviours in relationships;
  • Work through each element of trust as a team; and
  • Consider the trustworthiness of your organisation, and its allies.
Free Monthly Downloadable Blank Calendar

2022 Downloadable Calendar

How are you going to spend your precious days?

If you’re serious about making things happen in your business and your life, grab this calendar and see your life laid before you. See it for the gift it is, and then spend some time thinking about what you need to do to move your biz and your life in the direction you want to go.

Plan The Work. Work The Plan.

Your Leap Story

Your Leap Story

Write your next chapter

Your Leap Story: Write Your Next Career Chapter With Courage, Clarity and Confidence is a free ebook packed with leaping wisdom from our own leaps, and those we’ve researched and recorded from over 50 kin featured in The Leap Stories blog series. It features short punchy exercises, mindset mantras, leaping love notes, tips and great places to dig deeper on the topics you need to know more about.

It’s time to leap.