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There’s a bunch of good things we’d love to share with you. And over the coming months we’re working to bring you a bucket o’ handy things to help make your life as a creative, wholehearted entrepreneurial biz type just a little easier.

To get you started, we have two free downloads we’d love to give you (because that’s how kin look out for each other).


Free Digital Marketing Video Training

Free Video Courage Content Clicks Training from Of Kin
Ever wanted to pick our brains? Well, this is the next best thing. We tidied up the studio, popped on some lippy and dug into our most meaning exercises, popular myths and most asked questions. The result is our Courage. Content. Clicks. three part video series, where we chat with you about getting yourself on track, organised, confident and creating content that is authentically you and converts to clicks for your biz. Jump into the free training here :: Of Kin Free Video Training

Free Ebook: Social Media Survival GuideSocial Media Survival Guide - Free Book from Of Kin

We’ve pooled our collective brains to bring you the ‘get straight to it’ low down of surviving social media. Loads of practical advice, tips and tools that we use in our everyday lives to live and grow in the social media jungle. You don’t need to go it alone, and there’s heaps of little tweaks you can do to make it easier! Get your copy here :: Of Kin Social Media Survival Guide

Digital Marketing Decluttered
Digital Marketing Decluttered Header free mini ecourse

We love sharing what we know with our kin… and there’s a lot to know in the digital marketing space! Let us help guide you to the essentials you need in your digital marketing toolkit now. You might just be starting marketing your biz or brand online, you might have been at it for a little while, or you might just want to make sure that your thinking is still current. These short bursts of help info is just what you need. Start now here :: Digital Marketing Decluttered

 Free Template: Monthly Planning Calendar

Of Kin Monthly Planning Calendar


Nothing great happens without a plan – even a loose one that changes! The first step is always asking what needs to happen and when by. With all our clients, this humble tool is the magic ingredient to bringing big ideas to life, creating mental clarity and space to GET STUFF DONE! Download it now :: Free Monthly Planning Calendar