The Leap Stories


The Leap Stories: Intimate Interviews On Overcoming Fear, Choosing Courage Over Comfort And Designing A Fulfilling Career

By Kylie Lewis

Paperback – 216 pages
Embossed front cover detail
Published by Creative Minds



What moves people to pursue a long-held business idea, dramatically alter a career path, or try something different? And how do they face fear and summon courage to take the leap?

From CEOs to solopreneurs, tech startups to non-profits, Kylie Lewis uncovers different ways to rethink a career and to reinvent a livelihood, despite feelings of fear. The Leap Stories asks 13 Australians who have made a leap in their working lives exactly how and why they did it — practically, financially and emotionally.

Comprising six updated interviews from Lewis’ Leap Stories blog, alongside seven brand new interviews, The Leap Stories invite you to explore hunches, scratch those itches, back yourself, have a crack and do more than just entertain the possibility of ‘what if’.

“What The Leap Stories assures readers is that there’s no single path to success and no formulaic way to conjure the courage to take a first or next step toward a fulfilling work life,” says Lewis. “Each interviewee’s leap may not have been instant or dramatic: it may instead have been a series of small hops over a period of time; some sideways sliding; a little backwards and forwards cha-cha, or it could have been an almighty bungy jump. The common theme, however, is honesty, intention and above all, courage in the face of fear.”

From resigning a job without a clear plan of what do to next; moving to a new country for employment; pursuing a long-held business idea; to taking a sabbatical or recommencing study later in life – these intimate and honest interviews prove that to make a career transition or start a business may be scary, exhilarating, a foregone conclusion or a complete about-face (or all of the above). But overwhelmingly, to leap is to live courageously and authentically.

Featuring exclusive interviews with:
Kristina Karlsson of kikki.K ~ Melanie Perkins of Canva ~ Bonnie Ashley of Bonnie & Neil ~ Elliot Costello of YGAP ~ Correne Wilkie of The Cat Empire ~ Ryan Spaccavento of Coffee On Cue ~ Emma Fulu of The Equality Institute ~ Petrina Turner of Petrina Turner Design ~ Carolyn Tate of The Slow School of Business ~ Kai Brach of Offscreen Magazine ~ Aimee Marks of TOM Organic ~ Lydia Pearson of Easton Pearson ~ and Kemi Nekvapil of Raw Beauty Queen


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