Dare To Lead™ Graduate Daring Teams Rollout


The Daring Teams Rollout Program is a one-on-one coaching program available to Dare To Lead™ graduates who have completed the Dare To Lead™ version 2 curriculum with a Certified Dare To Lead™ Facilitator (from August 2020 onwards), and graduates who have completed version 1 of the curriculum (prior to August 2020), plus the 1 day additional extension class.

We will work together over a series of 7 x 90 minute coaching sessions to help you prepare for, and host the Daring Teams Rollout Program in your organisation.



Dare to Lead™ programs are empirically based, courage-building programs based on the research of Dr. Brené Brown.

The Daring Teams Rollout Program has been designed so that people who have successfully completed a Dare to Lead™ training program (led by a Certified Dare to Lead Facilitator) can share the work and what they’ve learned with their team.

The intention of the Daring Teams Rollout Program is to encourage team members to work together to learn and build the four skill sets of courage, practice having difficult and productive conversations, and increase team empathy and trust. The power of this program is practicing the work while we learn the work.

As a Dare To Lead™ Trained leader, you now have the opportunity to access additional support to help your team develop some of the skills you gained in your training.


  1. Together, you and I will design a program so you can co-ordinate a skills building, practiced-based exploration based on the most critical skills from the Dare To Lead™ book, and Brene’s most current research findings. You will be a Daring Teams Rollout Co-ordinator in your organisation, and I’ll be hired as your personal coach to support you as a Co-ordinator (in addition to your role as a leader);
  2. I will give you a Daring Teams Rollout Co-ordinator’s guide so that you can host weekly/fortnightly discussions from the DTL book, supplemented with the most recent research findings from the past 18 months;
  3. While you will co-ordinate and host the sessions with your team, you are not a ‘facilitator’. You will have me available to mentor you through preparing to host the sessions;
  4. As a guide, it’s recommended that you have a group of 8 – 12 people, you meet for 7 sessions of between 90 – 120minutes each, within 4 months; and
  5. I’ll be available to hire for additional supplemental masterclasses for your team, to enhance deep diving into specific concepts and skills if required.

You are a Dare To Lead™ graduate who has:

  • Completed the three-day/24-hour version 2 curriculum (from August 2020), OR
  • Completed 2-day/16-hour version 1 of the curriculum, PLUS the 1 day additional extension class.

You are a daring leader who would like to bring the skills you learned in the workshop to a team within your organisation but don’t necessarily have the resources to bring a certified facilitator in-house for a customised team program.

We will work together over a series of seven 90 minute coaching sessions, to help you prepare for, and host the Daring Teams Rollout Program in your organisation. We will use the Daring Teams Rollout Co-ordinator Guide, the Dare To Lead™ text and the Dare To Lead™ podcast as reference and resource materials.

Coaching sessions will be booked in alignment with your schedule and availability.

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