Australia-Post Of Kin Kylie Lewis Tall Poppies Regional PitchFest

Throughout July 2017, Kylie Lewis travelled to Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia with the Australia Post Accelerator team as part of the Regional PitchFest program.  In each state, Kylie was a panel member for the Tall Poppies Women in Business breakfast event, sitting alongside some of Australia’s best regional business women.

The event description:

“Technology today means anyone, anywhere with a great idea can take their creativity and passion and sell it to the world. With more than half of Australia’s new businesses run by women and many online retailers cracking global markets with female leaders at the helm, now is the perfect time to celebrate women in business everywhere at our Tall Poppies breakfast events around Australia.

Brought to you by Australia Post, this free networking event is for anyone interested in hearing more about female business success stories in rural and regional Australia in a friendly and supportive environment. No matter what size or stage your business is at – the Tall Poppies Breakfast will help you connect with other like-minded people and leave you with practical tips and insights to help you drive your own business success.

The event will feature a panel discussion with inspiring business women who will share their views on the latest Australian small business and entrepreneurial trends and insights, and will include audience Q&As.”



“My sister and I saw you speak at the Tall Poppies event yesterday and I just wanted to let you know how great it was! A lot of what you said really resonated with us .. especially the stuff about the biggest barriers sometimes being what’s in your head. We find ourselves getting in our own way all of the time and we’ve had a week of self-doubt and questioning. The Tall Poppies event and hearing from people like you was exactly what we needed and the messages in what you and the other panel members was just so poignant for us right now. It’s becoming really obvious that the journey wouldn’t feel so hard sometimes in that inner critic voice was more encouraging!…Thank you for what you do – you make a difference and help people like us to keep believing in following our dreams. ” – My Money Zen





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