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This humble tool is one of the most powerful tools I use in my business, and that I use with clients. Because unless you can see your time laid out in front of you, you can’t make realistic plans, set achievable goals or get everyone aligned about what needs to be done, and by when.

I use this tool with my executive coaching clients to help them plan out an ideal week, and understand what’s achievable with their time. I use it with my content marketing clients to map out content plans, deadlines and publishing dates. I use it with my business clients to help them and their team see what needs to be done, and when by so they all get on the same page, literally.

The 2019 Monthly Planning Calendar is here!


Download below

Yes, it’s printed piece of paper and not a shared electronic calendar. And it’s still the best tool to start a discussion around planning. Once you’ve mapped it all out, you might then consider transferring your dates into a digital format. Now, here are some tips on how to use it.


How To Use It

Step 1: Print out and hook up with an erasable pen

Enter your details below and then download your free calendar. Then find a Frixon  – it’s the pen that changed my life in 2016. It’s a style of erasable pen made by Pilot. You can get them here. Buy in bulk is my advice! (Muji also has a nice option here.) You’ll never go back to an ordinary pen, or put up with pencils.

Step 2: Write in important global dates and fixed personal commitments

Dates that are fixed, reoccurring and non-negotiable go in first. If you’re Australian, I’ve given you a pretty good head start with the list below. But also think about adding:

  • Birthdays (personal & business/staff)
  • Anniversaries
  • Holidays
  • Special events

Step 3: Write in industry and regionally specific events/dates

Now do a pass over on your calendar of all the events and happenings that are specific to your industry.

  • Trade fairs
  • Awards
  • Annual conferences
  • Manufacturing shutdowns
  • Peak seasons
  • School holidays

Step 4: Write in business specific events/dates

Looking closely at the rhythms and rituals in your business, enter specific dates related to your operations, staff, reporting and marketing activities.

  • Staff birthdays & annual leave
  • Staff training & conference
  • Performance reviews
  • Budget reporting periods & GST lodgement dates
  • Stock takes
  • Order/booking/printing deadlines
  • New arrivals/launches
  • Sales campaigns and promotional activities
  • Communication activities (such as email sends, blog schedules)

Step 5: Start with 12, focus on 3

While it’s fantastic to look at the year as a whole and map out your best guess for the year ahead, make sure you’re taking time every three months to look in detail at the next three months ahead. A good rule is the Rule of 3 – take three hours, every three months, to set your top 3 priorities for the next three months. Schedule your quarterly reviews in your calendar now!


Step 6: Make time and get help

Time and time again I’ve seen smart people sabotage their efforts by not making time to save time. And often it takes bringing in outside facilitation to raise the accountability bar. So if you’d like help getting set up with your calendar, or to get your strategy planned out with your team, or set some leaping goals, just send us an email via the Contact form. We’d love to turn your possibilities into plans, and get you on purpose, prioritised and productive for the year ahead.




Monday 1st New Year’s Day
Monday 21st – Martin Luther King Jr. Day
14th – 27th –  Australian Open
Saturday 26th Australia Day
Monday 28th Australia Day holiday in lieu
Late month –  School holidays end/Term 1 Begins


All Month: FebFast
Friday 5th Safer Internet Day
Friday 5th Chinese New Year (Pig)
Tuesday 14th Valentine’s Day
Friday 15th Mardi Gras festival starts (Sydney)
Thursday 28th Last Day of Summer
Thursday 28th End of quarter BAS Q2 2018/9 due

MARCH 2019

Thursday 1st Autumn Begins
Saturday 2nd Mardi Gras Parade (Sydney)
Tuesday 5th Shrove Tuesday – Pancake Day
Monday 4th Labour Day (WA)
Friday 8th International Women’s Day
Friday 8th – 11th WOMADelaide (SA)
Monday 11th Canberra Day (ACT)
Monday 11th Eight Hours Day (TAS)
Monday 11th Labour Day (VIC)
14 – 24 March Melbourne Design Week (VIC)
Friday 15th National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence (NDA)
Sunday 17th St Patrick’s Day
Wednesday 20th UN International Day of Happiness
Thursday 21st Harmony Day
Saturday 30th Earth Hour
Late month – School Term 1 ends/School holidays start

APRIL 2019

All Month: Grateful in April
Sunday 1st Daylight Savings Ends
Sunday 14th Palm Sunday Justice Walks
Friday 19th Good Friday
Saturday 20th Holy Saturday
Sunday 21st Easter Sunday
Monday 22nd Easter Monday
Vogue Online Shopping Night (TBC)
Monday 22nd Earth Day
Thursday  25th April ANZAC Day
Friday 26th End of quarter BAS Q3 2018/19 due
Mid-month –  School holidays end/Term 2 begins

MAY 2019

All Month: Mindful in May
Monday 6th May Day (NT)
Monday 7th Labour Day (QLD)
Sunday 12th Mother’s Day
Friday 17th International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia
Thursday 23rd Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea Cancer Fundraiser
Sunday 26th National Sorry Day
Monday 27th Reconciliation Week
Friday 31st Last day of Autumn

JUNE 2019

Saturday 1st Winter Begins/Ski Season Opens
Saturday 1st UN Global Day of Parents
Wednesday 5th World Environment Day
Monday 3rd Western Australia Day (WA)
Monday 10th Queen’s Birthday (All, except QLD & WA)
10th -16th Men’s Health Week
Thursday 20th World Refugee Day
Friday 21st UN International Yoga Day
Friday 21st Winter Solstice (AUS)
Thursday 27th UN International Small Business Day
Sunday 30th End of Financial Year
Late month – School Term 2 ends/School holidays start

JULY 2019

All Month: Plastic Free July  & Dry July
Monday 1st New Financial Year
Sunday 7th World Chocolate Day
Mid-month School holidays end/Term 3 begins
Saturday 13th Of Kin 6th Birthday
Sunday 14th Bastille Day
Wednesday 17th Emoji Day
Friday 26th End of quarter BAS Q4 2017/18 due


Donate Life Week (TBC)
Monday 5th Picnic Day (NT)
Tuesday 13th Left Handers’ Day
Monday 19th World Humanitarian Day
Wednesday 21st World Entrepreneurs’ Day
Saturday 31st Last Day of Winter


Sunday 1st Spring Starts
Sunday 1st Father’s Day
Tuesday 10th World Suicide Prevention Day
Friday 13th RUOK? Day
Mid-September – School Term 3 ends/School holidays start
Saturday 21st International Day of Peace
Friday 27th AFL Grand Final Friday (VIC)


All Month: Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Tuesday 1st International Coffee Day
Monday 7th Labour Day (NSW, ACT)
Daylight Saving’s Starts
Early month – School holidays end/ Term 4 Begins
Thursday 10th World Mental Health Day
Friday 11th International Day of the Girl Child
Thursday 17th Global Dignity Day
Friday 25th End of quarter BAS Q1 2017/18 due
Thursday 31st Halloween


All Month: Movember
Friday 1st Day of The Dead
Tuesday 5th Melbourne Cup Day (VIC)
Monday 11th Remembrance Day
Perinatal Depression and Anxiety Awareness Week (TBC)
Wednesday 13th World Kindness Day
Tuesday 19th International Men’s Day
Wednesday 20th World Children’s Day 
Monday 25th International Day for the elimination of violence against women
Thursday 28th Thanksgiving
Friday 29th Black Friday Sales (TBC)
Saturday 30th Small Business Saturday/Shop Small
Sunday 30th Last day of Spring


Sunday 1st Summer Starts
Sunday 1st World AIDS Day
Tuesday 3rd International Day of People With Disability
Tuesday 10th Human Rights Day
Mid-month –  School Term 4 ends/School holidays start
Sunday 22nd Summer Solstice
Tuesday 24th Christmas Eve
Wednesday 25th Christmas Day
Thursday 26th Boxing Day
Tuesday 31st New Year’s Eve

**To cross-check dates, and get the school holiday dates for your State, check out:

Public Holidays via
School Terms via

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