Last year (2012) was a particularly tricky one for me, where I found myself completely in over my head on nearly every front – a major project at work, a challenging economic environment, health issues (my own and my family), loss of loved ones, a partner recovering from a broken leg and kids just being kids.

One of my favourite social media sites is Pinterest. It allows me to escape, to dream, to learn and be inspired. My most loved board is my ‘Wisely’ board – a board dedicated to wise quotes and sayings that resonate with me and lift me higher, or remind me that I’m not alone in this life journey.


As 2013 rolled around, I knew I need to make changes in my life. That I could not repeat another year like the one I had just experienced. I took leave from work, spent time with the kids, travelled to Tasmania with my husband and took some deep breaths. Throughout that time I continued to pin to my Wisely board. It helped me craft the mindset I needed to make changes in my life.

Now every time I’m feeling unsure or insecure about my direction, I head on over to my Wisely board, and scroll and remind myself of my truths. Maybe there is something in that for you too.