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You’ve landed here because you’re a bit like us – curious about the world, about your life, about your career and about your possibilities and potential. And because you’re like that, there’s a good chance you’ve got an itch that you’d like to scratch, a leap you’d like to take.

You’re considering exercising your courage muscle, to try doing something you haven’t before. But you’re not quite sure where to start and you’re in ‘research mode’, or in the early stages of leaping and want all the help you can get.

We hear you.

So we’re going to share what we know about leaping with you, because kin take care of one another.

Curious, Courageous, Kind

Your Leap Story: Write Your Next Career Chapter With Courage, Clarity and Confidence  is a free ebook packed with leaping wisdom from our own leaps, and those we’ve researched and recorded from over 50 kin featured in The Leap Stories blog series. It features short punchy exercises, mindset mantras, leaping love notes, tips and great places to dig deeper on the topics you need to know more about.

It’s time to leap

Pop your details in below and hit the green button. Then grab yourself a beautiful notebook, a feel good pen and a stack of post it notes. You’re going to get to leaping work stat!