Do you think about taking a leap? Do you have an idea you’d like to explore, a novel you’d like to write, an app you’d like to launch, a business you’d like to create? For a long time I’ve sat on the idea for this interview series – a series of interviews with people who I admire for taking ‘the leap’. It’s been brewing nearly half a year in the making, and now it’s time to set it free.


I’m always inspired by hearing people’s stories and this series takes a peek at the stories of people who have made a leap in their working lives. The leap to change direction, to rethink their careers and to reinvent their livelihood.

Leaping might have been resigning from a job without a clear plan of what do to next, or taking on a job in a new country, or going into a joint venture, or setting up a dream gig, or taking a sabbatical, or going back to school. Leaping is about doing something that scares you, that involves risk and that’s been knocking on your mind’s door for a while.

The leap may not have been one big dramatic jump. It may instead have been a series of small hops over a period of time. It may have involved some sideways sliding, a little backwards and forwards cha cha, or it could have been a god almighty bungy jump. Leaping comes in all shapes and sizes.


I’m hoping these stories inspire you to make your own leaps, small or big. I’m hoping you’re inspired to chase down your hunches, scratch those itches, back yourself, have a crack and do more than just entertain the possibility of ‘what if’. I’m hoping it will inspire you to do.

We all make leaps every day, so thank you for taking your leaps, whatever they may be, and here’s to the next one.

I’ll be sharing the first ‘leaper’ this Sunday right here, so be sure to stop by to read up on this woman’s seriously inspiring story. I hope you enjoy the series, and if you’d like to nominate anyone to be featured (maybe even yourself!) please email me at kylie at ofkin dot com.

Kylie x

Image credit: Thomas Leuthard


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