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In August 2017 we very proudly launched our latest content offering to the Of Kin community, In The Company: Insights on Humanising Work with Kylie Lewis. It’s the start of a conversation we hope will change we work, lead, live and ultimately love ourselves and the those around us. We believe that bringing our whole selves to work in a culture of psychological safety is what we all need to survive and thrive in the world of work today. And it’s all our responsibility to build cultures and workplaces of humanised work.

In 2018 we produced a special series of episodes for the Victorian 2018 Small Business Festival. Listen below, and if you’d like transcripts for the episodes, click here.

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Listen to Season One 2017

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About The Podcast

In a season of every second person you meet saying ‘I have a podcast’, you may be asking yourself why did Kylie feel compelled to start one too?

As a writer/blogger I wanted to have deeper, more spontaneous conversations that could reach an audience on the move, specifically, driving or travelling from one point to another. As a parent driving home from dropping their kids at school, or a mobile worker between locations or wandering vacationer on route, I wanted to lift words off the page and have them land with tone and texture not accessible on a digital screen while on the go.

46 years

On average, we will spend around 46 years of our life ‘working’. I’m interested in who we are when we’re at work, when we’re engaged in work and how work shapes us. I’m interested in the humanity of work, how it’s celebrated and how it’s shuttered.

For the last three years I’ve written about taking leaps in our working lives. This podcast is an extension of that idea, and designed to go behind the work and humanise the lived experience of designing our careers. I’m keen to explore the vulnerability of showing up in our working lives and putting ourselves out there to be seen, to have impact and to be brave.

I want a chance to ask deeper questions and go behind the scenes of narratives that emerge through dialogue. Mostly, I want listeners to not feel alone when they’re working, especially when they’re having days that aren’t filled with glitter crusted unicorns showering down praise and good fortune.

How we find our way through

I have days that are filled with confusion, frustration, chronic self-doubt, overwhelm, procrastination and anxiety. I also have days where I crack open a new idea, make a stellar connection, contribute helpfully and turn on light bulbs for people. I want to talk about the light and dark, and how we each find our way through.

This podcast will interview subject matter experts on the areas creativity, innovation, psychology, sociology, human behaviour, mental health and meaning at work. We’ll talk to researchers, professionals in organisations, coaches, business leaders, authors and individuals with remarkable insights.

Leadership expert Simon Sinek said that if you don’t understand people, you don’t understand business. And social scientist Dr Brené Brown has pointed out that:

‘The biggest barrier to effective teams is not professional development – it’s personal development. People are not doing their own work on what it is that gets in the way of them fully showing up as the kind of people we need in teams, and leaders we need. It is what makes or breaks a team, a culture or leaders.’

I would argue, it’s also what makes or breaks a human.

Part book club, part coaching, part storytelling, part stickybeaking, this podcast is a result of my curiosity and the conversations I’ve been having with myself about who I am in my working life, how that spills out into my whole life (or maybe visa versa). And I want to talk about these things with other humans like you.

So hence, I’m one of those people starting a podcast too. Thanks for your interest.

Kylie x