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Of Kin Amy Crawford from The Holistic Ingredient Free Webinar Be Your Best This Winter with Of Kin

Today we had a heart to heart with Amy Crawford, founder of The Holistic Ingredient, about ways to be at our best during Winter.

As small business owners and parents, we know that the most important asset we have is our time and health – prioritising good habits that make the most of those assets during Winter is a wise investment that delivers massive payoff in productivity and mental health. We don’t want you to go down with lurgies or the blues!

We chat with Amy about:

1. How do we detox our pantry for Winter?
2. How do we raise our vibration and fight the Winter blues?
3. Suggestions for morning Winter rituals
4. Amy’s favourite natural remedies and teas that will help heal and soothe
5. The importance of simplifying life

And there’s also a special mention of dealing with that dreaded lady problem that impacts up to 80% of women… yep, we talk vaginal thrush!

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(Can’t see the video? Watch it here on YouTube)

Here are a few points Amy spoke about, and a few extras thrown in:

1. Let’s detox our pantry for winter. What are some of the things we should bin, and the essentials we need for these colder months of the year?

  • Processed foods with little nutritional value, difficult to digest
  • Move towards more cooked and less raw foods – body must heat food to digest it
  • Move towards heavier meals that are grounding, nourishing. Such as soups, stews, slow cooker, = carrots, pumpkins, sweet potatoes,
  • Fresh herbs – Raw pesto!
  • Coconut oil – protects against bacteria, anti viral
  • ACV – digestion, detoxification, antibacterial
  • Cacao – mood elevator, anti depressant, antioxidant
  • Turmeric – fresh or powdered – curcumin – anti fungal, inflammatory, reduce toxicity and bacteria
  • Garlic – nature’s antibiotic
  • Essential oils
  • Nori – immune health, great for adrenals and thyroid

2. Winter can change our mindset. Can you share some tips to raise our vibration and fight the winter blues.

  • Personal power, or energy. We are the power, we get to choose how we feel every minute of the day!
  • Positive thoughts, gratitude, giving to others without expectation – these are the top 3 ways to build your vibration
  • What your radiate you attract.

3. Set our winter morning ritual. What do you suggest is included in our morning routine as winter creeps in?

  • Still try up and get up with enough time to ease gently into your day
  • Make your bed!
  • Avoid phone for 1 hour upon waking, puts us in reaction mode, react to the demands of others, over stimulated
  • Tongue scraper – removes bacteria, toxins, dead cells that accumulate overnight
  • ACV/lemon water drink
  • Morning meditation to settle your adrenalin, retain a sense of calm, the reaction trigger disappears, builds focus
  • Exercise – keep you energised, circulation, build your vibration

4. Can you share some natural remedies and teas that will help heal and soothe our kin this winter?

  • Golden milk
  • Kombucha – powerful probiotic, balances metabolism, great detoxifier
  • Peppermint tea – great for immune system, kills bacteria and viruses
  • Lemon, onion, garlic tonic twice daily
  • Bone broth

5. Simplifying our life. What does this mean, and what benefits it will bring?

  • Result of India trip – realised how hectic life had become, over stimulated, forgetting to appreciate the simple things in life that brought me joy
  • Slow down – get rid of “I’ll just quickly grab a coffee, clean my teeth, do the dishes”
  • Spend less – ask yourself why you buy what you do? Is it for gratification, comfort? Replace items only as you need them
  • Declutter – if you don’t use it, get rid of it. Physical and mental. Relationships that don’t serve, clutter in your environment
  • Prioritise connecting with loved ones
  • Get out in nature
  • Eat simply – whole foods!
  • Disconnect
  • Clean as you go!
  • Get up early – enjoy the stillness
  • Pay off your debt

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Kylie & Binny x

What does your Winter look like?

Download our monthly calendar and start planning out your Winter rituals, self care habits and social commitments. When are you going to get out in nature, connect with your loved ones and stock your pantry and fridge with wholefoods? Set yourself up for staying well this Winter by taking a moment to plan your one precious life!

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