I love Valentine’s Day. Any day that celebrates loving each other has to be a good thing. I believe a day celebrating our most human, most potent human emotion is worthy of our time and attention. I don’t subscribe to the notion of it just being about romantic ‘couple’ love. I believe Valentine’s Day is much bigger and more significant than that. And it starts with you.

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In an ideal world we wouldn’t need Valentine’s Day. We’d willingly and freely express our love to those we most care about often and without prompting. And in fact, in our house we do. But I still love getting a single rose from my kids and seeing their faces light up in doing this little something extra. I loved how my uncle sent my grandmother a bunch of red roses every year until the day he died. I love the nudge to take it up a notch and think about surprising my fella in a way he didn’t expect. And I love sending my best friend a Happy Galentine’s Day love note.

To me Valentine’s Day is a way to focus on the things that we love about our lives and ourselves – our family, our gal pals, our beloveds, our passions, what we’ve accomplished, where we live, how we live, what we do, how we’ve survived, how we’ve grown, how we’ve learn to love and forgive ourselves as we grow up. Because as Brené Brown reminds us, we can’t give our kids what we don’t have for ourselves, and we can’t practice compassion with other people if we can’t treat ourselves kindly.

According to Wikipedia, the name ‘Valentine’ is derived from valens: worthy, strong, powerful. To really get to the heart of Valetine’s Day is to know you are worthy of love and belonging, be strong and courageous enough to show up in your life and own your story, and to claim your own power.

So if you want to start celebrating Valentine’s Day right, start with showing yourself a little love and devotion first. Give yourself permission to give yourself some loving – book yourself a massage, run yourself a bath, forage a beautiful bunch of foliage for your bedside table, spend a quiet afternoon by yourself on a creative date in your favourite bookshop, indulge in your favourite chocolate. FOR YOU, FROM YOU. Then after you’ve applied your own oxgyen mask, feel free to apply it to those around you. And here’s a little ‘You Are Loved’ poster to print and pin on your wall to sprinkle the love around. Download your copy here

You Are Loved

And if you’d like a little hint about how I created this, I purchased this ‘Away’ font from Creative Market after a tip off from #contentkin graduate Jodi English at Colour and Chaos. Jodi has free printable gift tags and high quality designer stationery for sale. Check her out!

Much love to you. xx