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Since posting this video on Facebook a week ago, The Liberators International (Perth) have had over 9 million views and 178,000 shares of their improv train party. It’s a viral hit. Why? Because it’s the kind of content people crave, feel good about and want to share. It’s a grown man being vulnerable enough to look silly doing something he believes passionately in and invites us to do the same in a safe, loving, surprising and celebratory way. This type of courage is something we talk a lot about in our Content Marketing and Social Media workshops.

Now it’s your turn to join in. Pump up the volume on your device, rise to your feet and join in. It’s FUNKY FRIDAY!

(if you can’t see the video, click here to view it on Facebook)

This video was shared by The West Australian, Seven News, Popsugar Australia and even Jamiroquai himself (who’s song features in the video), and then went crazy large, appearing all over the interwebs. We’ve had a week long Funky Friday dance party across the globe!

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Peter Sharp, the beautiful human being behind this video and a member of movement, is here to restore faith in humanity with acts of love and kindness. He posted his first train party on his YouTube channel back in September. He calls it social artistry and he goes into public spaces to make memorable moments of goodness for fellow humans. He follows in the footsteps of Charlie Todd and Improv Everywhere, and we love him for it.

If you can’t see the video click here to check it out on YouTube.

From Pete’s blog on daring to be vulnerable:

Being vulnerable and unsure in a world afraid of being vulnerable and unsure takes great courage & strength. Allowing for ourselves and others to be vulnerable is fundamental to reclaiming our humaness. Without letting our guard down from time to time, we’re left holding on tight, fearing the worst to come. This tightness is contagious and I believe leads to much of the world’s fear & distrust. When we drop our guard with people we trust we give rise to much needed salvation, we say outwardly and openly I trust you with my most sacred and intimate self. The more we learn to be comfortable expressing our deeper more honest selves in the presence of others who understand and respect us for doing so, the more inner strength we find and are then able to contribute back into the world. All those worried about expressing their vulnerable side, do not fear. Let go and let flow. You’ll be surprised how many are waiting for someone to say how they really feel.

Pete has been doing this for a while, so he’s no overnight sensation. Which also shows it takes time to grow your courage muscle, to develop your voice, hone your craft and find your tribe. We want you to keep taking steps to producing your own artistry out in the world and connecting with us as a real human being, and that’s why we run our workshops.

If we can start a party on a train with strangers, what’s stopping you from starting a conversation? – Peter Sharp

Content that invites us to smile, laugh, spread kindness, connect with joy and feel good? We could all do with more of that.

P.S. Here’s Pete’s dancing train mix…

Perth Train Party Mix v2.0 by Peter Sharp on Mixcloud



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