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Work/Life Design Workshop

Friday 30 November, 2018
9:30am – 3:00pm


Ground Floor, Studio 2
87 Gladstone St
South Melbourne 3205

Our working lives don’t exist in a vacuum. So how do we design our work practices, life commitments and personal aspirations to be the best business owner, leader, family member and friend we can be, without burning ourselves out?

You are the most important asset in your business, so it’s essential you take time to understand what makes you tick, how your brain works and harness your energy flows. Getting clear about your priorities, strategic planning and working on purpose not only drives better business results, it makes for a happier human at the steering wheel.

So how do we live a life by design and not by default?

This session is about taking the latest human performance research from psychology, neuroscience, physiology, sociology, business management and leadership to maximise your focus, productivity, clarity and impact. Participants will:

  • Explore inner critics vs inner mentors
  • Discover the most important element of work/life design
  • Cultivate a work/life design mindset
  • Learn the 5 pillars of work design architecture
  • Embrace essentialism
  • Set boundaries and say no
  • Work on purpose with purpose
  • Understand how to manage energy over time
  • Spend time defining your next three priorities for the next three months
  • Develop a weekly habit map
  • Uncover the science of good days

This is a chance to work on your personal productivity and priorities to be the best business owner you can be.

By design this workshop is held in the morning, at the end of the week, which research shows is an ideal time to work on tasks involving new ideas and long-range planning.

All attendees will receive a Work/Life Design workbook and copy of The Leap Stories (RRP $39.95).




Makers & Shakers Conference

Friday 22 February 2019,
Deakin Edge, Federation Square, Melbourne

The Makers & Shakers Conference brings together interactive Q&A panel discussions with successful creatives, social media gurus, thinkers, and maker-movement academics about the best strategies to grow a creative business.

Establishing, growing and scaling a creative business is difficult and full of ongoing challenges and uncertainty. This event is a special opportunity for emerging and established makers to get together and discuss real strategies for taking their creative businesses to the next level, as well as developing a bigger picture of the handmade movement and where it’s heading.

Kylie will be moderating this panel session:

Winning at social media
Social media is an essential tool to build a following and generating sales, but it can also distract creatives from creating. What strategies are the most efficient for cutting through the highly competitive ‘swipe real estate’ of social media? – Kylie Lewis talks with Kirbee Lawler, Kelly Thompson and Sina Klug on their usage of various social media platforms.


Brene Brown Rising Strong Workshop Melbourne Sydney Australia Kylie Lewis Of Kin

Rising Strong™ Workshop

Coming soon


A workshop for anyone who wishes to be braver in how they live, love and lead. This is how you rise strong in the face of challenge.


The physics of vulnerability is simple:
If we are brave enough, often enough, we will fall.

When we take risks in our lives, we will inevitably experience disappointments, hurts, failures and heartbreak.

Rising Strong is about what it takes to get back up and how owning our stories of struggle gives us the power to write a daring new ending. Struggle can be our greatest call to courage and the clearest path to a wholehearted life.

Rising Strong™ Workshop is a research-based program about what it takes for us to get back up, live a more wholehearted and satisfying life by owning our stories. By participating in the Rising Strong™ Workshop you will have the opportunity to explore how to live bravely every day by showing up in the various arenas of your life to become the best, most authentic version of you.

Throughout the workshop, you will be guided through many positive experiential exercises, personal exploration, watch exclusive videos from Brené Brown created specifically for Rising Strong™ participants and have opportunities for personal reflections and growth in a safe, supportive, positive and fun environment.

The Rising Strong™ Workshop is designed to address your personal goals, relationships, professional and creative lives.

You’ll learn and experience how to:

:: Clarify your core values and beliefs
:: Recognise emotions and increase curiosity
:: Build your vocabulary for explaining hard emotions
:: Learn a robust framework for hard conversations
:: Own your story
:: Learn how to set and communicate healthy boundaries
:: Understand the mechanics of trust
:: Develop practices for processing anxiety and criticism
:: Increase resiliency and courage
:: Cultivate wholehearted living, loving and leading
:: Practice self-compassion techniques
:: Write new endings to our stories

When you deny the story, it owns you. When you own the story, you get to write the ending. – Brené Brown



#ContentKin: Content Marketing and Social Media for Small Business eCourse

Ongoing enrolments are open for our signature ecourse, #ContentKin. We’ve taken the face to face workshop we’ve run with hundreds of small business owners, aspiring entrepreneurs, social media managers and freelancers, and created a delicious learning online learning environment that will lift your digital marketing game beyond what you thought was possible.

For more information and enrolments, click here.


#TheTime: Planning and Productivity for Possibilitarians eCourse

This isn’t your average goal setting or time management course. While we do work through those topics, we bring together our own backgrounds in psychology, sociology, communication, entrepreneurship and coaching, as well as world leading thinkers to create this one of a kind ecourse.  We’ve drawn on our own real life experiences, the learnings of our coaching clients, and the latest research into productivity, positive psychology, resilience, happiness, mindsets and mindfulness, stress, energy management, character strengths, and neuroscience.

So we’re going to help you download the noise that’s in your head, and upload habits that serve your beliefs and priorities.

By the end of the ecourse you’ll walk away with a clear vision for your business and life for the next three – six months. All captured in your very own Clarity Map. And it will be fun, motivating, informative and empowering.

For more information and enrolments, click here.



The Leap Stories Book Tour

Following on the publication of The Leap Stories: Intimate Interviews On Overcoming Fear, Choosing Courage Over Comfort, and Designing a Fulfilling Career, we’ll be hitting the road in 2017-18 to talk with leap takers all over Australia. Subscribe to be kept informed of upcoming dates! And in the meantime, grab your personal copy of the book via the link below.