Free Video Training :: Email Marketing

Have been neglecting your email list for a while now (perhaps ever since you started your business. Yeeouch!). No judgment here, we’ve come to your rescue. Or you need some fresh ideas to help you grow your established list?

Whatever the reason, this webinar will give you some inspiration and ideas to get your list happening, and to help you convert your followers to customers.

We’ll cover topics like:

– ways to grow your list
– technology you can use
– what to put in your emails
– the types of emails and when to send them
– subject lines and the words to use?
– email format and layout for readability
– rookie mistakes

Don’t be fooled by us, we’re not one-eye social media supporters. You will catch us constantly reminding you, our fine kin, to never forget about growing your email list.
You own your website, blog and email list. You rent space on social media. And the landlord sets the terms. So a golden rule for growing your business online, is always be converting your social media followers to email subscribers.

Once people are on your email list, you’ve built a tangible, valuable asset for your business that you own and control (best you don’t ignore it then!). You can then send them direct messages, without the interference of a landlord. So let’s hop to it then.

There are some basics you will need to build your list and communicate with those lucky enough to be on it. We’re going to start there.

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