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Of Kin Brand Archetypes with Janet Boland of Passionfolk

You know when you sit down for a chat with someone who’s really passionate about a topic, they completely expand your mind. Trigger new thoughts. Give you goosebumps (we love goosebumps!). You know what I’m talking about, yeah?

We’ve just finished having one of those chats with the lovely Janet Boland from Passionfolk.

We went into our discussion about brand archetypes with awareness that they existed, but quite honestly we’d never sat down with the 12 archetypes in front of us to determine which one represented Of Kin.

Jungs-12-Archetypes brand strategy

Once Janet spoke in detail about each archetype and the 4 quadrants, with her years of insight and examples (which she did so well) Kylie and I knew immediately which archetype we were (anyone wanting to guess which one, leave a comment below!). Thanks to a lot of work we’d done on our ‘why’, what we ‘believe’ and what our values are as a brand, it made our choice of archetype an easy one.

PS. If you would also like to do this work on your ‘why’ and ‘beliefs’ we have a great video training series that takes you through one of our unique exercises that for many businesses has been life changing. You can start the training series here.

Janet talked about the importance of how brands can talk to us on an unconscious level, and that so much of our decision making as a consumer is made in this unconscious mind (our limbic brain). It takes into account packaging, words used, colours. Which all stem from your brand archetype.

Your brand is so much more than a logo on a business card, website, bottle, box or sign. As business owners we need to develop a subconscious understanding of our brand. We need to tell our story, show our personality, shape our future and provide a way for our customer to differentiate us from others in our industry or category.

We highly recommend you dive into our recorded chat with Janet below. It will help you to tap into who you are as a brand, and what you stand for in your customer’s mind.

You might even become obsessed with brand archetypes like we are (it’s going to be hard to stop myself from analysing every brand that crosses my path now!).

We loved our time with Janet, and for anyone wishing to gain the expertise of an experienced corporate marketer to apply to their own business you can contact her on

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  1. You can find out what your Brand Personality or Brand Archetype from this website – it’s pretty cool and it’s free!


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