Digitally Does It :: Is your website your most valuable employee?

Digital Marketing Strategy - Your website as your most valuable employee

This week I had the great pleasure of presenting to a room of creative female entrepreneurs working in the hair and beauty industry across Australia. We chatted about the importance of having a friendly, chatty, inspiring and useful website at the core of a digital marketing strategy. We talked about the phenomenal growth of mobile usage, why it’s critical to grow and own your digital assets and the power of sending email newsletters. Here’s my presentation.

Last year I was asked by a woman who’d just started out in her business if ‘can I just skip having a website and instead just have a Facebook page?’. I was delighted that she asked this questions and horrified that she asked this question! The answer is categorically ‘NO! YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED A WEBSITE! NO, YOU CAN’T JUST HAVE A FACEBOOK PAGE!’. You do not own your Facebook page – Facebook does. And it controls what information gets seen by who. Facebook controls Facebook. You control your website.

In this presentation we explored ways to ensure the your website is your most valuable employee, by looking at all the elements that go into making a website informative, helpful, inspiring and as beautiful as you are in real life. But we also looked at the bigger picture of digital strategy, and where your website sits in amongst your other marketing activities. Essentially it’s at the heart of your marketing activities, it’s your content homebase that is updated regularly (most likely through a blog) and fuels your other channels. Or perhaps content that you’re generating on other channels (like Instagram and Pinterest) can be directed back into your website to increase SEO, website interest, inspiration and helpfulness.

There was so much to discover, discuss and dive into that we ran over our one hour session – and no one seemed to mind! Enjoy the presentation and maybe I’ll see you at a live one soon! Cheers, Kylie x

Content Marketing and Social Media Workshop – Sydney and Adelaide


We’d love you to join us in Sydney and Adelaide for our Content Marketing and Social Media Workshop for Business coming up in the next few weeks. Get your content marketing planned and your social media on track for a productive, effective and efficient (and fun!) 2015.  Spend a day learning, planning, eating tasty treats and making friends with like-minded kin in real life (the best kind of social media there is).

Details are:


Monday 9 March 2015
10am – 4.30pm
Koskela Workshop
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Monday 16 March 2015
10am – 4.30pm
a.nouk style
20 Byron Place, Adelaide SA
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Social Media and Content Marketing Workshop Course Sydney Adelaide Melbourne March 2015

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