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Is your content marketing and social media marketing courageous authentic brave and real? by Belinda Langler The Inkling Effect for Kylie Lewis Of Kin

We talk a lot about courage in our content marketing workshops, and it’s always a popular and passionate discussion topic! Mostly because finding your courage is the key to connecting with your tribe, and growing a committed and passionate following. Here’s our guide to creating courageous content.

Is your content marketing and social media marketing courageous authentic brave and real? by Belinda Langler The Inkling Effect for Kylie Lewis Of Kin

If you are brave enough to be authentic about who you are and what you believe in your blog or social media posting, you are going to make stronger connections with other kin that believe in what you believe. And ultimately they’re the one’s you want to do business with right?

I coach in content marketing, yet I still need to find courage daily to stay true to who I am (‘who would be interested in seeing that picture, or reading about this’ is an inner voice I need to silence frequently).

Courage is like a muscle. We strengthen it with use. Ruth Gordon

It is an internal battle between what I think I ‘should’ post (yes, that dreaded ‘should’ word that we need to remove from our vocabulary) versus what I feel passionate about and want to post.

Remember, there are no rules when it comes to posting content. It really comes down what’s right for you.

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What I have noticed is that all the people I enjoy following on social media are honest, raw, open, write with heart and make me feel something – and I enjoy that, don’t you? Ponder for a moment all the people you admire and my guess is they’re the one’s who passionately and wholeheartedly stand up for what they believe in (think Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution).

Here’s another example of sharing a common struggle on Instagram yesterday: grappling the ‘What if?’ gremlin. This post was how I really feeling that morning about business and life, and I invited kin to let me know if they felt the same way – and this post is one of my highest engagement posts ever.


Courageous Content Guideposts

So when you’re next crafting a post think about finding the…

  1. Courage to be your authentic self: is the imagery and wording genuinely reflective of you, your voice, your beliefs?
  2. Courage to trust in the content you’ve chosen to post: listen to your gut
  3. Courage to not care what people think: stop overthinking as a general life rule!
  4. Courage to show vulnerability: there’s probably someone out there feeling exactly the same way as you
  5. Courage to post content from the heart: remember done is better than perfect, and all hearts are imperfect
  6. Courage to know that the people who believe what you believe will love what you do!

Until next time…

Bin x

This post has been adapted from the original post by The Inkling Effect



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