Days of Possible Prompt #3: Dream

Welcome day 3 of our 5 day possibility prompts mini ecourse – your five minutes to dive into your curiosity and intuition. Guess what? Today has no boundaries.

I believe that January is for dreaming. It’s your month to dream up wild possibilities and let those imaginations soar. As Einstein said, ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge.’ This is the month to ask ‘what if?’ Ask yourself big questions and don’t be afraid to answer with big dreams and big plans. There is nothing to be lost by dreaming… dreams are not firm commitments or fixed ideas. They are not rigid goals or set priorities. They are the doorway to new thoughts, knowing more about ourselves and maybe the start of possibilities for the future. You have permission to dream without the burden of knowing how to make them happen. Just dream. x

Daniel Goleman, psychologist and author of Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence says, as your mind drifts away, it may be wandering toward a consideration. The benefits of daydreaming include generating future scenarios, self-reflection, navigating complex social situations, creativity and incubating new ideas.

For the insatiable ‘doer’  in you, you could also of this as a focus exercise. For five minutes, I want you to consider the most outrageous things you could do with your life.

The future belongs to those who go beyond facts and think globally and synthetically, make serendipitous associations and devise surprising, novel combinations. – Will Willimon

There is no judgement about your dreams. There is no expectation. There is no censor. There is no overthinking allowed. Take a detour. Let your mind roam in it’s garden, soak in a bath, play on a swing.

What leaps are stirring

Let these dreaming questions inspire you to just consider what a leap today, tomorrow and this month or this year might look like. Choose courage and embrace your inner dreamer.

Download yours below.

Dreaming Downloadable Tile


There are five downloadable templates for you and your Days of Possible Diary (or your own diary/journal). Print them out and stick them into your diary, or write the questions onto your pages and let them prompt big thoughts to scribble, mindmap, list or draw. Go your own way – these are here to remind that you every day, anything is possible. Keep an eye out – there’ll be more to come throughout the year.

p.s. Know someone who might like to join you in doing this exercise? Pass it on. xx

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