Event :: Big Hearted Business for You

I recently wrote about 2013 being my year of daring greatly. One of the massive highlights of the year was being embraced and backed by the incredible Clare Bowditch. Clare and I didn’t know each other until I found out about her Big Hearted Business project while I was working at kikki.K (kikki.K sponsored some prizes for the conference). I read the conference aims and I knew within a fraction of a heart beat I knew that I had to be part of it in someway – it stood for everything I believed in, and wanted to live. So I emailed her and said, can I help you out – pack goodie bags, hand out name tags, serve tea… anything to be involved.

I didn’t hear back the first time. I sent a follow up. I sent another. And then I got a response. And they were happy to have me on the volunteer team. Then, digging a little deeper into my background, Clare asked me to participate on the social media panel… actually on stage… in front of people, talking about stuff with the likes of Darren Rowse and the terrific Natalie Harker. Me? Really?

Needless to say my heart was big – with gratitude, awe and a little ‘holy crap what am I going to say (wear!)?’

Now you can find out how it all turned out, by investing in a ticket to ‘virtually’ attend the 2013 conference, and hear from amazing speakers such as Clare, Darren, Lucy Feigns (The Design Files, who also styled the event), Catherine Deveny (professional writer and social agitator), Jane Martino (founder of Shout for Good, Smiling Mind amongst other things), Rachel Power (author of The Divided Heart), Kemi (Raw food chef whiz), Pip Lincoln (Meet Me At Mikes and uber crafter)…. so much amazingness in two days!


To attend the 2013 Virtual Conference, simply follow this link: Big Hearted Business 2013 Virtual Conference

Here’s a little teaser….

Being part of this conference was a defining moment in my year – both professionally and personally, emotionally and spiritually. I know the content presented and discussed stretched people’s thinking about what was possible for their lives. That’s pretty amazing.


It’s on AGAIN! In May 2014! Big Hearted Business 2014 has been announced, and good lord, I’ve been asked by Clare to talk on social media again. So if you want to see it all happen in real time, in the flesh, in Melbourne grab your tickets here (the last round has just been released) and I’ll see you there! (And oh my sweet baby jesus… the line up… check it.)