Socially Does It :: Best way to get more followers

Recently I came across this great article by Dharmesh Shah, Founder and CTO at HubSpot on LinkedIn, about how to get more online followers.

Yes, it’s total link bait, but being the good social media (sucker) researcher I am, I clicked. And was astounded to find a really, really good article about… being human online.

Dharmesh argues to get more followers online, or even offline, is a matter of leadership. People follow leaders. So the best way to get more followers, is to be a great leader. Simple.

If you’re looking to get more followers for your business or personal brand, here are Dharmesh’s top tips for being a leader worth following:

1. Be true to yourself: vulnerability to be who you are is the birthplace of connection (thanks Brené Brown), and connection is the heart of social media;
2. Take a position: communicate your beliefs and values to find like minded people;
3. Take a behavioural stand: because ultimately what you do is more impactful than what you say;
4. Be surprisingly accessible: social media is the ultimate connector, and if you want more followers be prepared to engage in dialogue with them. Social media isn’t a ‘blast and forget’ medium, or ‘post and they will follow’ platform. You must be willing to do what it takes to speak to – and, more importantly, listen to – the people you lead;
5. Care: “No one cares about how much you know, until they first know how much you care about them.” – Teddy Roosevelt via Dharmesh. Enough said.

Finally, leadership is not about popularity for its own sake, but rather to be of service – to be inspiring and helpful to others who are interested in what you have to say, and what you do. It’s about quality of followers, rather than quantity (just ask any email marketer!). As Dharmesh explains:

The key to getting more real followers — people you can truly motivate, inspire or inform — is to be the leader people want to follow. You may not wind up with thousands of followers, but the followers you gain are the ones you most want to walk with on your professional and personal journey. – Dharmesh Shah

Now, how is your brand being the leader in your field that is worthy of following?