Socially Does It :: Being the official Tweeter on Twitter at Conferences and Live Events


Over the past few years I’ve been hired as the official ‘tweeter’ at a number of business events. Organisations and event producers hire me to produce their twitter streams for their conferences while they get on with the business of running a live event.

Recently I was the official tweeter for The Growth Faculty’s 2013 Growth Summit and Clare Bowditch’s Inaugural Big Hearted Business Conference, and Gowrie Victoria’s Professional Development Day.


Here are some the benefits for using a freelance twitterer (or at least someone in your organisation tweeting) during your live events:

1. The event production and marketing team can focus on running the event with a trusted, experienced social media person amplifying the event socially – everyone works to their strengths;
2. Conference organisers end up with written transcript (via Twitter posts) of highlights, quotes and weblinks mentioned during the presentations – these short sound bytes can be used after the event in marketing materials and follow up blog posts;
3. Deeper engagement with attendees – I often engage/retweet people on Twitter who are tweeting from the event, and this strengthens their relationship with the event and their experience of it;
4. It helps build attendee community, extending beyond the physical conference – the conversation spreads socially nationally and internationally, increasing awareness of the event and its aims;
5. It gives people attending the event an online post-event reference point for speakers (many who are also on twitter), highlights and weblinks (like a bibliography built on the go), encouraging further discussion and reflection after the conference;
6. Twitter feedback is built into the event (like they do on Q&A), where people on Twitter ask questions of speakers or the event organisers, and then these are addressed during the conference;
7. It shares the load, so that members of the internal marketing team might focus on running Facebook or Instagram, while I focus solely on twitter.

Being in the moment, capturing an idea, creating a story, amplifying its reach and recording it for the future: twitter does all this for conference organisers, speakers and attendees. Make the most of the messages, learnings and insights of your next event and have twitter part of your communication mix.

Check out the Storify Twitter feed of Gowrie Victoria’s professional development day here.