Guest thoughts: How to start the new year

Meet Tanya Northey, three years ago she quit her day job and decided to live her dream – start her own business. So she opened a shop “the lovely bird”, all day long she was surrounded by the things that she loved – paper, stationery, handmade things, books, brown paper, twine and anything else that took her fancy.  In late 2014, she decided to take another leap of faith – she sold the shop and decided to get back to designing and making things. Lucky 44 was born.

So here she is, growing and developing another small business. We love that when Tanya took the time to listen to what she really wanted, she realised that creating, making, drawing, painting, writing and taking photographs were where her heart lies.  Tanya sums it up perfectly “I am determined to live a life and have a business that reflects who I am and what I believe in”. High fives to that!

Not only is Tanya one of our kin, she is also an ecourse alumni. Like many of us, she is a small business owner and understands the challenges associated with getting back into work after the festive break. When it seems almost impossible to focus your mind on anything!

Tanya’s written 10 very helpful tips on how to start back at work – it addresses procrastination and the need for elastic waist pants (thanks Christmas indulgence month). There is something for everyone in her post below (I even wonder if she’s been spying on me this week!). We invite you to share with us what crazy procrastinating things you’ve been up to this week in the comments below.

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Tanya Northey from Lucky 44


Things to do….. 1. Stop procrastinating

Holidays are over.

It’s the new year.

Holidays are over.

It’s the new year. holidays are overrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Holidays do not and cannot last forever, so stop trying to figure out how you can do that. I don’t care who you are and how good your job is – it’s hard work getting back into it.  And don’t give me the ole “I love what I do and it doesn’t feel like work” bullshit. Holidays are awesome, sleeping in, eating whatever you want when you want, drinking, no house cleaning, swimming, afternoon nap, pretending chips and dip count as dinner, not giving two hoots if the kids are on  “screens” all day or in the sun burning to a crisp all day, not opening mail, or emails or replying to anyone if you don’t feel like it….. holidays are awesome.

Alas. It’s 2016. It’s time.


Lucky 44 Of Kin Procrastination in the new year

So this morning, day 2 of me being back at work and I found myself sitting here writing over and over “things to do, things to do”. Yes I have things to do, I know that, but I am seriously struggling!! Yesterday I spent a good hour decorating my diary!  I feel like a petulant child, seriously feel like having a no no no hissy fit.

So, as a self employed sole trader, how do you pull yourself out of this. How do you get back into it? Well, I have a few tips….

10 things to do to make your first day back at work easier:

  1. Make day 1 easy, put 2 items on your things to do list.
  2. Put your favourite music on.
  3. Wear your fat pants – I’m talking full elastic waist.
  4. Schedule a nanna nap – 27 mins.
  5. Get 2 lists happening, one for the real things that need to be done and one for the crazy stupid procrastinating ideas that you have. eg. enter invoices – real things list, I need to build a new chookhouse – stupid procrastinating ideas.
  6. Stay off social media platforms  – seriously, don’t do the “I’ll just quickly check instagram” nek minut it’s two hours later and your stalking all three Hemsworth brothers and their cousins.
  7. Drink as much coffee as your body can handle, start early.
  8. Laugh at your crazy procrastinating thoughts as they pop into your head and then beat them off with a stick, fight it, look at your list and ONLY DO THAT.
  9. Pretend the zombies are coming and you need to do two more things before you run for the hills and hide in the caves – do those two more things (well well well, your to do list just sneakily turned into 4 things).
  10. Laugh at yourself and your immature thoughts of wanting to move to Byron and becoming a crochet bikini wearing, wanderlust babe that lives on air, sea and kale… laugh it all off, cause before you know it, your head and body will be back in the game.
    Of Kin and Lucky 44 planning for 2016

Good luck peoples, the struggles are real and I’m feelin’ ya.

Tanya Northey
Boss of Everything at Lucky 44 stationery + wotnot
Tanya was born creative and loves a spot of watercolour painting, crocheting and a good DIY. A serious paper lover. Little bit crazy. Got a big laugh. Sometimes funny. Passionate about small business and supporting and buying local!


  1. Tanya, you are a breath of fresh air. I love a funny bitch and you made me laugh!!!!!


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