2016 Dreaming, Reflecting and Planning + Downloadable Content Calendar

2016 has arrived so it’s time to get our content hats on for the new year. After the crazy business of Christmas, January can often be a slower (welcome) period for many, which means it’s also the perfect time to stop, reflect, dream and plan for the year ahead.

Creating clarity for a productive and successful year

If your calendar sometimes bulges as much as mine does, this might be something you want to stop for a moment and reflect on for the new year. Set aside a date in your diary and give yourself some space, uninterrupted, to reflect on 2015 and get clear on your dreams and goals for 2016. Think about these questions…

  1. What worked in 2015? What do I want to keep doing?
  2. What didn’t work in 2015? What do I want to stop doing?
  3. What’s something new I want to try in 2016?
  4. What are my top three priorities for the first three months of the year?
  5. What dreams are you working towards for 2016?
  6. Whose help do I need to achieve my goals?
  7. What deadlines do I need to add to my calendar (download yours below)?

2016 Dreams QuoteContent Planning

A new year means a new content calendar full of new inspiring content. If you’re stuck for ideas, I like to ask my clients this:

If your business was a magazine, what would it look like? What content – articles, images, interviews – would it include?

Business to Magazine Content

Think about your favourite magazines. Is yours a Donna Hay or a Feast Magazine? A Fete or Hooray Magazine? A Kinfolk, Frankie or Smith Magazine? Where would your business sit? What would it look and feel like, what content – interviews, recipes, DIY or crafts, longer length articles, short fiction, poetry, tips and tricks – would you include?

Let your imagination run wild and build up quality content over these quieter months. Now’s your time to create something like that magazine that you’ve always dreamed of (or is that just me?!).

Download your 2016 Content Calendar

Once you’ve brainstormed your gorgeous content ideas, you need to get them organised in your content calendar. Download your free printable content calendar below and start to fill this in.

2016 Content Calendar

Don’t forget to add in key dates, think about any significant dates in the year that are relevant to your business. These might include:

  • Key production dates
  • Product arrival dates
  • Events
  • Fairs/showings
  • Email newsletters sends
  • Photoshoots
  • School holidays
  • Staff leave
  • Staff anniversaries & significant events (wedding/baby due, study periods)
  • Staff birthdays
  • Your business birthday
  • Incentives other that sales discounts
  • Promotions
  • Campaigns
  • International/national days and public holidays – i.e. International Women’s Day, World Kindness Day, International Coffee Day etc.

Once you’ve got your key dates in and have built a structure, build you content around this and add in campaign dates and any other events. Always stay on top of your business calendar and plan ahead so you never miss a great opportunity.

How are you feeling about the year just gone? Is the thought of 2016 exciting or slightly terrifying? What are your dreams and goals for the new year? Share them with us!

Much love,

Kylie x

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