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Building Brave Leaders

As Certified Dare To Lead™ Facilitators, we develop and deliver public and custom courses and workshops, specialising in Brené Brown's Dare To Lead™, Daring Greatly™ and Rising Strong™ curricula. For organisations, companies, schools, sports teams, and any one interested in being braver at work and life.

Personal, one-on-one coaching designed to build your courage muscles in the areas of: brave leadership, taking a leap, finding your purpose, business startups, planning, productivity, wellness and self care. Dare To Lead™ coaching also available.

We love engaging rooms full of curious, creative wholehearted type on the topics of daring leadership, building courageous cultures, productivity, planning and taking leaps. From a keynote on answering your call to courage, to lunch and learn on building trust, to breakout rising strong session, we can help your event be braver.

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  • “Leading and serving other people  is brutally difficult work, and it requires a level of self-awareness that no one I’ve ever known has without the help of someone else.” – Brené Brown Every leader needs a mental health toolkit to support their teams and themselves to thrive in uncertainty. Below is a list of resources […]

  • Through her leadership research reported in her book Dare To Lead™, social researcher Dr Brené Brown identified ten behaviours and cultural issues that get in the way of becoming a daring leader and building courage cultures:

  • Anti-racist: those who speak and act in ways that advance racial equity in society; the act of interrupting racism. Source Since early June 2020, in the wake of international #BlackLivesMatters protests responding to the horrific violence against Black Americans, I realised just how little I know about racism in my own country of Australia, and […]

Kin Stories
  • I’ve been utilising the tools and rumble starters and am already feeling braver and more confident about having those difficult conversations. Exactly where I wanted to get to, thank you!!

    - Ally Watson, Co-Founder, Code Like A Girl

  • Thank you for the invitation to dare greatly and for creating an amazing space, figuratively and literally for us to do it in. Your facilitation, support, teaching and compassion was and is courageous and graceful.

    - Emma Sekuless, Manager, Faculty of Arts, Melbourne University

  • This workshop was so empowering. Held in a safe, inviting and creative space allowed for honest, open conversations which resulted in many learning and takeaways. The knowledge I will take away both professionally and personally is invaluable, truly amazing. I feel a greater understanding of my values, how to be kind, learn, grow and most importantly, empower others to do so. Thank you Kylie, you were simply incredible, knowledgeable, supportive and empowering.

    - Jess Dangerfield, Community Engagement Coordinator, Geelong Football Club

  • Dare to Lead was an incredibly insightful and enjoyable two days of exploring and learning how to be courageous and compassionate individuals and leaders. Kylie is a fabulous facilitator who created an amazing energy for the group and safe space for sharing and learning.

    - Kylie Goodwin, Policy Manager

  • The Dare To Lead workshop has been a transformative experience. Kylie is an outstanding workshop facilitator with a real zest for supporting the growth of people. This experience has provided me with an abundance of new tools and skills as well as a greater sense of awareness of me as a leader.

    - Joshua Pacek Innovation & Learning Design Leader, Bethany Lutheran Primary School

  • This workshop has empowered me to be a more courageous and daring leader, able to lean into difficult conversations, live my values and rise again when things don’t go as expected.

    - Sean Croon Founder & Career Coach, ITCV Writers

  • The Dare To Lead workshop was everything I needed right now. These topics are crucial – there is nothing more important. Kylie is such a brave leader herself – showing that not only was she sharing information she has learned, but fully living and breathing these concepts, and led the group with understanding and compassion. We all need to learn to be braver! Thank you Kylie, for such a life-changing experience, I’m ready to step into the arena (even if I get it wrong sometimes). Thank you!


    Kelley Sheenan Editor in Chief, Peppermint Magazine

  • To be completely honest, I felt uncomfortable and challenged at the start of this workshop but I was so glad to have gone through this journey. What a wonderful transformative experience! Thank you Kylie for your beautiful, encouraging demeanour and excellent presentation. This learning has helped me tremendously.


    - Donatella Mannolini, Assistant Principal, VCASS

  • The lessons keep resonating around my head – only this morning I circled back about something that happened last week. I explained the story in I had made up. I felt not only confident to have the conversation but excited about having the right words to use to explain the position without emotion hijacking the conversation. I got the issue sorted but more importantly I got the relationship back on track. These are hugely important lessons learned at the Dare To Lead workshop.

    - Fiona Dalton, Managing Director