In The Company #3: Rachel Service is the happiness conceirge

Rachel Service The Happiness Conceirge In The Company Podcast

In this podcast episode, we’re In The Company of Rachel Service. Rachel is the Founder of Happiness Concierge: a kick ass training company that helps people ace their work and lives.

After suffering anxiety, depression and burnout in her 20s, she realised work was killing her and created Happiness Concierge to help other people be more impactful at work. Her training helps individuals in organisations learn tactical ways to make a bigger impact at work.

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Show Notes

Traffic light system
People Audit
No sandwich

Three beliefs:

  1. You always have a choice of how you respond. Good, bad, ugly: you can control how you respond if you’re aware of how you’re feeling.
  2. Most people don’t want to be jerks. They just don’t have the experience, tools, support, know-how to use their words.
  3. Workplaces have a huge opportunity to shape behaviours.

Three takeaways:
(Rachel over delivered and gave us four!)

  1. No behaviour of yours affects only you. Behaviour is contagious – when you stand up for yourself, someone else will likely be watching, thinking ‘maybe I could do that, too’.
  2. Learning how to say no will change your life.
  3. Take advice from people who are in the shoes you want to be in.
  4. Waiting for approval is like waiting for Kanye to lose his ego: ain’t never gonna happen. Do things before you’re ready.

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