In The Company #11: Julie Anne & Glen Mayer on taking the leap

In The Company Podcast Julie Anne and Glen Mayer Subo

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In this podcast episode of In The Company, we chat with Julie Anne and Glen Mayer, founders of Subo, the reusable food bottle designed and made in Australia.

As active parents of young children, Julie Anne and Glen would often find themselves on the move, and wanting to feed their kids nutritious, homemade food that was also easy to handle and minimized the potential for being worn instead of eaten.

In 2012, sparked by an idea under she had under the shower, Julie Anne challenged Glen to make a prototype food bottle from a toothpaste pump dispenser. Held together with duct tape the prototype worked and was enough for encourage the Mayers to develop the idea further.

Between their full-time jobs and parenting roles, Julie Anne and Glen launched the product in October 2016, and this month sees Glen leave his jobs in sales to leap into Subo full-time.

Today we chat about how the Mayer family have their sights firmly set on changing the way we eat on the go.

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