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Courage journal prompts

In this year’s Days of Possible Diary, I created a provocation in the opening pages that prompted kin to ponder when they have chosen courage in their lives. As we’re nearly halfway through the year, I’m revisiting the provocations. Remembering times in my life when I have been courageous before (even in the tiniest of […]


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Channel 7 Sunrise Leap Mumpreneur Interview Kylie Lewis Of Kin

We took a bit of a leap ourselves this week. Thanks to our gorgeous community of kin, we were lucky enough to be interviewed by Australia’s leading morning show Sunrise!  I want to give you a little bit of an insight as so how it came about, and what else I wish I could have […]

The Time Course Of Kin Productivity Planning Priorities

There is never enough time. It is one of our most precious commodities. With kids, full-time work, running your own business, school runs, exercise, social life… oh, and add in some time for our precious partners. I know I often feel stretched in all areas of my life, and make that silent request in my head ‘more time please’. […]

Of Kin Inner critic

As creative entrepreneurs, and many of us solo small business owners, our inner critic often gets a bigger say than we’d like. It’s a noisy little poppet, that needs to be recognised and quietened, often. To help with this we’ve invited Dr Jacqueline Baulch, a clinical psychologist and the director of Inner Melbourne Clinical Psychology (and one of […]

Time management productivity coaching ecourse

NOW . IS . THE . TIME . Enrolments now open until 31 December Class starts 1 January 2016 ENROL NOW Calling possibilitarians from across the globe. We invite you to join us for an productivity and planning ecourse to program your business GPS for 2016. We’ve just unlocked the doors to our newest ecourse, The Time. […]

I love Valentine’s Day. Any day that celebrates loving each other has to be a good thing. I believe a day celebrating our most human, most potent human emotion is worthy of our time and attention. I don’t subscribe to the notion of it just being about romantic ‘couple’ love. I believe Valentine’s Day is […]

“The architecture of how we live our lives is badly in need of renovation and repair. What we really value is out of sync with how we live our lives. And the need is urgent for some new blueprints to reconcile the two.” Arianna Huffington I recently came across a fantastic post by Guy Kawasaki […]

This time last year I was a strung out mess. I was coming off the toughest year(s) of my life. This time this year I’m celebrating possibly the best year of my life to date. Thanks 2013. You’ve been amazing. I am thankful. I am grateful for all the new, wonderful people I’ve had the […]

As part of the content marketing consulting I do, I very often start by asking the question ‘why?’. Why does your business exist? And it’s not about making money. To dig deeper into this visit by SimonSinek. Or simply try this idea out from Steve Palvina who proposed this as a method of getting […]