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In The Company Taking The Leap Live Panel Event Small Business Festival Victoria Women in Business

Proudly sponsored by: Victoria’s Small Business Festival This special edition of In The Company was recorded live at Donkey Wheel House in Melbourne on Tuesday 15 August 2017, in front of a live audience of 50 women as part of the women in business week of the Victorian Small Business Festival. Based on my book ‘The […]

Prue Gilbert Grace Papers Podcast

In this episode of In The Company we speak with Prue Gilbert, lawyer, diversity strategist and founder of Grace Papers – a human rights award-winning digital platform designed to empower working parents to navigate career and family.

Bronnie Ware interview on In The Company Podcast with Kylie Lewis

Bronnie Ware is a former banker, palliative carer, singer and songwriter, international speaker and author of several books, including the best selling, The Top Five Regrets of the Dying, and her latest book, Bloom: A Tale of Courage, Surrender and breaking through upper limits. Through Bronnie’s work as a palliative carer, she uncovered the number […]

In The Company Podcast Justin Dry Vinomofo

In this podcast episode of In The Company, we chat with Justin Dry, co-founder, online wine club Vinomofo about the journey, and the role innovation has played in taking an idea, executing it, learning, pivoting and the importance of evolving in small business.

In The Company Podcast Julie Anne and Glen Mayer Subo

In this podcast episode of In The Company, we chat with Julie Anne and Glen Mayer, about taking the leap to start Subo, the reusable food bottle designed and made in Australia.

In The Company Podcast Alicia Darvall, B Corporation

In this podcast episode of In The Company, we chat with Alicia Darvall, the executive director of global partners for B Lab.B Lab is a non-profit organization that serves a global movement of people using business as a force for good through B Corp certification.

In The Company Podcast Anna Ross Kester Black

In this podcast episode of In The Company, we chat with Anna Ross, founder of Kester Black, an ethical and sustainable nail polish and skincare company launched in 2012 and which has quickly become one of Australia’s fastest-growing and most innovative beauty brands.

In The Company Podcast Sheree Rubenstein One Roof

In this podcast episode of In The Company, we chat with Sheree Rubenstein, a former corporate lawyer who made the leap to found One Roof, Australia’s Leading Co-working Space for women-led businesses.

In The Company Nick Avaitis HeadsUp beyondblue

Proudly sponsored by: Victoria’s Small Business Festival In this podcast episode of In The Company, we chat with Nick Arvanitis, Head of Workplace Research and Development at Australian mental health organisation beyondblue. Nick leads projects that support workforces to create and maintain mentally healthy workplaces, including We chat with Nick about ways small business […]

In The Company Podcast Bernadette Jiwa The Story of Telling

In this podcast episode of In The Company we chat with Bernadette Jiwa, a recognised global authority on the role of story in business, innovation and marketing about her new book Hunch: how to turn your everyday insights into the next big thing.