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Winter green smoothie recipe

I’m a huge fan of green smoothies. But I don’t follow a recipe. I tend to buy organic seasonal ingredients and take it from there. This is my latest blend which I decided to document because it was a particularly good batch, and someone from my Preggibellies class asked me for a recipe. So here […]

Simon Sinek

I’m a great fan of Simon Sinek and his Start with Why movement. I’m also a huge 99u groupie. So when I discovered this video of Simon speaking at the 99u conference, I just had to watch… and share. My biggest takeaway: authenticity matters – it’s how we build trust and create meaning. Enjoy. Simon […]

I tripped across this podcast featuring Maya Angelou and fell in love with her voice and presence. A few simple ideas her on courage and leadership for you to enjoy.

One of the good things that our family love doing on a Friday night, during the airing of So You Think You Can Dance, is grabbing a pizza, rearranging our lounge room and watching the episode together on the couch all tucked under blankets. This year was season 10, and this was my highlight piece. […]

A really, really, big Good Thing happened in recently. In late April I volunteered for the 99u conference in NYC and spent 10 days in creative bliss. This is my Instagram feed.

Good Things is a little initiative to find all beauty and awe in small every things (or sometimes really big things). 2012 was a bit of a tough year, and I created a little meme for myself call ‘#d02012’. It was a type of gratitude practice that prompted me regularly to think about the things […]