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2019 Free Monthly Planner Download

Looking for 2018? Click here. This humble tool is one of the most powerful tools I use in my business, and that I use with clients. Because unless you can see your time laid out in front of you, you can’t make realistic plans, set achievable goals or get everyone aligned about what needs to be […]


Download your free 2018 Monthly Planning Calendar and follow these steps to planning out your most productive year yet.

When I had my Days of Possible diary designed, I kept the pages as clean and simple as possible because I wanted the diary to be a place where I could be as creative and free as I wanted. I wanted it to be a place where I could  think, dream, explore, write and plan.

Here we are friends, our last day of our Days of Possible mini ecourse. And this prompt is definitely one of my favourites, and one to grab with both hands as a good habit for 2016. I’m a big believer in creative dates. Whether alone or with a creative friend, booking in time to let […]

It’s day 4 of our 5 day mini possibility prompt ecourse, and I’m wondering how often do you make time for you and the things that leave you feeling refreshed, calm, collected, confident and happy? If you can’t think back to the last time that you set aside an hour or more to just indulge your […]

Welcome day 3 of our 5 day possibility prompts mini ecourse – your five minutes to dive into your curiosity and intuition. Guess what? Today has no boundaries. I believe that January is for dreaming. It’s your month to dream up wild possibilities and let those imaginations soar. As Einstein said, ‘Imagination is more important than […]

Beautiful human, welcome to the second in our series of five minute possibility prompts over five days. Today we’re  reflecting. Reflection is one of those things that we know is important, we know how helpful and beneficial it can be, but it’s often the very last thing we make time for. Not this year. Now is […]

Hello gorgeous kin, and welcome to day 1 of our Possibility Prompts Mini eCourse – 5 minutes for 5 days to give you space to think, time to ponder and a reason to flex your courage muscle. This is our gift to you as a loved and valued subscriber to Of Kin. Thank you for […]